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Thread: Help! Our Dog is Trying to Hurt Our New Puppy.

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    Unhappy Help! Our Dog is Trying to Hurt Our New Puppy.

    We have bought home a new mini Dachshund puppy today. Our 2 1/2 year old mini dachshund has taken an instant dislike to her, he is extremely aggressive and i am afraid he will kill her as she is only 6 weeks old and still a little wobbley on her feet. Naturally the little pup is very distressed by it all. Our 2 1/2 year old has never been good with other dogs but we (foolishly!) thought he would be ok with a puppy. Should we admit defeat and send her back to the breeders, or has anyone else ever been in the same situation and can offer advice?

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    Hi BLB003 and welcome. I recommended this forum to you as there are a lot of members here who have a wealth of knowledge of dogs. Hope you find an answer to your problem. Good luck!
    The more people I meet, the more I like my dogs.

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    Does the older dog let go if the smaller dog screams? If so - hopefully all will be well when they sort their pecking order - though 6 weeks seems very young to bring a puppy home - 10 to 12 weeks is more usual.

    If you think the older dog is going to kill the younger one and if it has already inflicted damage not just a whole lot of growling and non-contact teeth gnashing... then you probably do need to send the puppy back.

    In the meantime - you could try short supervised sessions with both dogs on leads so you can pull them apart without getting yourselves bitten, and also establish a very firm heirachy with the older dog being top and the puppy being second. So older dog gets more of your attention, and fed first etc.

    You may also need kennel cubby things and or crates for the dogs to provide them with safe places to go. Look up "crate training". And you can get little soft cubby things for inside dog beds that might help. When you are not around - the puppy needs its own safe place where the older dog cannot get to it and that includes through the bars of the crate. The crate needs to be protected from the older dog too.

    And so your puppy does not end up like your older dog - you need to make sure you socialize it with other puppies and dogs - get yourself to a puppy pre-school, then puppy school etc. Dog obedience is not just so your dog will sit and come when you call, it's also to teach your dog how to behave nicely with other dogs.

    Bottom line - do not take any risks with either dog's safety.

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    G'day and wow, what a situation you have gotten yourself into.
    I would not give up that easily.
    Six weeks is very young to have a pup...usaually it is in the pups best interest to be with her mother for a least eight weeks, it will make a better, happier, more well adjusted puppy in the long term!.....If you could give it back for a few more weeks it would probably be better for you and the new pup.
    After saying that......your2 1/2 year old will get used to the new addition being part of your lifes. but it will take time! Remember that the 21/2yr old was there first and is just being teritorial.
    If your older dog has never been good with other dogs, in the few extra weeks that you are waiting for your pup to be ready to come back home.....get your dog socialize more. I recomend obedience school.

    I would encorage the new pup to go to Pre-Puppy school held at your local vets usually! It is fantastic to get them socilized with other people and most of all other dogs!
    The 2 1/2 yr old is NOT to old to learn the same thing....the more they are around other people and dogs the better they will be.
    Hope this helps a little.....I could have said much more, but I have to get ready to go out! Sorry
    Hope to chat soon.

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    Default Thank you

    Thanks to those that gave advice! I have contacted the breeder, who is not willing to take her back now that she has been in contact with the outside world. As for our older dog, well he went to puppy preschool, then dog obedience and all the while we socialised him and took him absolutely everywhere and still he he remains anti-social. I shall try as much of the advice I have been given as possible and let you all know how we go.

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    Wow, that's surprising to hear.
    Could you perhaps get a specilist trainer in to help the situation?
    Would that help?
    Best of Luck....and I would be keen to hear how it is going in the near future.

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    BLB, whatever course of action you take, it is not fair on an innocent puppy in getting attacked all the time as it will destroy any confidence the puppy may have and she will end up like your male , aggressive.
    My suggestion is to seek advice from a professional dog behaviourist. Either that or re home the puppy into a safe environment.

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    Default Thank you

    Thank you Dog Savvy, I think you are right.

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    Hello and welcome

    I don't think this is a very good situation for a six week old at all unfortunately.It only takes a minute and you could have tragedy .

    Bluddy nice breeders also ; first they let the poor wee thing go at 6 weeks , quite a bit early. And then when there is a problem they wont take it back nor help

    Don't suppose they are registered breeders either( to have done health checks,vaccinations etc) ?
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    I agree with Choppa and Puggerup! Besides at 6 weeks, a puppy still needs its mother. In the environment he presently is in, he will not survive. You should think about re-homing him before anything happens to it. So sorry.

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