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Thread: Going Backwards With Toilet Training

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    Default Going Backwards With Toilet Training

    Hi all,

    I have 2 puppies, Benson, a 21 week old Maltese x Shih Tzu and a 19 week old Bichon Frise x Maltese, Molly.

    Molly was going along nicely with her toilet training but all of a sudden she is refusing to do a wee on the grass when I take her out and instead, will come back inside and do it in the house. She sometimes also wee's when you go to pick her up, like this morning. They both sleep in a wooden playpen beside my bed and I went to get them out this morning but before I could reach Molly, she went and weed all over her bedding.

    I'm wondering whether there is a medical reason for this, such as a urinary tract infection or whether it's just behaviourial issue.

    Any advise would be appreciated.



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    Hi Julie

    According to my vet at puppy preschool (are you doing puppy pre-school?) a puppy should be able to last through the night after about 10 weeks of age.

    Molly not wanting to go on the grass - may have something to do with not wanting to get her feet wet - if this is a night time thing. Day time, I'm not sure. It could also be some sort of health issue as you said.

    It is up to you not to be sucked in and let Molly back into the house before she has performed. It may be that you put her out and then go back in and she follows you? But you need to wait outside with her until she has done her bit. As long as it takes. If she doesn't walk out onto the grass - you need to carry her out there and put her in the middle of the lawn - so she might as well go there. If she runs to the door before she's done - take her back out to the middle of the lawn. We used to have an Aussie terror with a similar problem, and once she was in the middle of the lawn - she'd go there but she wouldn't voluntarily get her feet wet.

    When Molly goes where you want - heaps of praise, treats too if you can be quick enough, and use a magic word eg the one I use is "Shitnapiss" but you might want to come up with something more lady like eg "Bronwyn Bishop" - dogs can learn to go on command or at least that they're not getting back into the house until they've performed.

    When you clean up inside - it's important not to use any ammonia based products like bleach - because the smell is like pee to a dog and they will go there again and again. I use water, paper towel, water and dishwashing detergent and then methylated spirits (alcohol).

    It is extremely unusual for a dog to go in its own bed - it's like she got a bad fright? Make sure your dog comes to you to be picked up instead of you reaching in a hurry and surprising it? Use treats and praise and high squeaky happy voice, make sure your dog knows it's you and is fully awake and ready before you pick her up.

    And if this happens - wash all the bedding in cold water, and normal laundry detergent (no bleach). If Molly keeps wetting her own bed - then maybe a trip to the vet is a good idea.

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    Hey Julie,
    I reckon that Hyac said it all.

    Just another note, you really have to be committed throughout the toilet-training stage. Well, you don't - it's just that if you do it will be so much shorter! In four days Buster was completely toilet-trained. I think that this is pretty good, as my friends say it has took them up to three weeks. Not boasting, I know there is probably an ace dog trainer that did it in two but really does it matter?

    By being committed I mean going out side: When he wakes up (until he/she does it), after every meal (for 20 mins), after playing (for 10 mins) and before bed (for 5 mins)

    You don't have to stick to those guidelines, sure you could do it by just going out in the morning... It just won't be as quick.

    Good Luck,
    Busta the apricot poodle x spaniel

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    Hi Jewly,
    Great advice from Hyacinth, LOL @ shitnapiss.....I use weewees for both #1's and #2's.
    I agree with the consistancy, routine IS the key.
    Try not to keep water out after 5pm till they have a good routine started, also take them out just before you go to bed and they should sleep right though,
    I wouldn't panda to the late night wake up calls though, especially if they have had no water since 5pm.
    One thing I learnt which may assist you is to pace infront of or walk in a circle around a particular stop you wish them to "go", and as Hyacinth suggested, praise and reward for doing the right thing....remember No reward if not done the way you wish.....but don't be too hard on them at first, they are still little.
    Best of luck over the next couple of weeks, they will be important.
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    oh and what also helps s takng them to the exact same spot each time and when they do perform and youve said the toilet word you praise them that way when you bring them back to that exact same spot they rememeber the praise they got for performing the behaviour!!

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    Thanks guys for all your replies. What you've all said makes perfect sense and I guess I have to start getting them back into a routine like I had them in when they were really little.

    Had some success with Molly last night. I took her outside and waited and waited and kept encouraging her and finally she did a wee on the grass. Gave her heaps of praise and gave her a liver treat when she came back inside. She actually looks a bit more 'confident' which sounds funny but before she was being such a shy little thing.

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