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Thread: Puppy Mills & Backyard Breeders - The Truth

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    Thanks for the link RileyJ. Whilst the link is an American blog, we can probably extrapolate these and see how Australia stacks up. Given that we have a population that is less than 10% of the USA's, but dog to home ratio higher than the USA, if we take 10 % of the number of dogs the blog calculated as coming from puppy mills, that would mean approximately 8million puppies came from puppy farms in Australia.
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    Was anyone else horrified with this story in the news ?

    Unbelievable ! The fine was only $11,000 !

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    Puppy farms are the pits !

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    What the heck... thats absolutely disgusting!! Those poor dogs

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    At least there's no gut wrenching pictures with that link.

    Here's to preserve her name and crime on the internet and google for ever.

    Katherine Lisa King, 43, from a South Doodlakine property, in WA's Wheatbelt region found guilty of three animal cruelty offences. Fined $11,000

    She was also ordered to pay costs of $20,000.

    They don't seem to be able to count. There was a lot more dogs that were neglected, and in need of vet treatment.

    And then there were 12 dogs in an underground bunker hole, confined to total darkness during the day, with little or no ventilation, their own poop and pee. They had food and water but that doesn't make that environment ok.

    If it was humans she was keeping in the bunker she'd be in jail - and probably never get out alive.
    PS it gets worse - this was not her first conviction for animal cruelty and she was already banned from owning animals.
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