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Thread: Puppy Mills & Backyard Breeders - The Truth

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    this is an absolute disgrace!

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    I saw this on animal rescue,absoloutley discusting!! i know i wouldnt like to pregnant all my life,couldnt imagine how those poor dogs feel,Ive bred my female staffy 3 times in the matter of 5 years and now shes being desexed...these owners deserve to be jailed

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    Pet store pets are nearly certainly from the millers.
    I can't believe no ones put a stop to them yet

    Makes me sad to see those dogs left in a tiny cage and forced to breed all their life.

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    Have you written a letter to your local state and federal representatives? that would help.

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    Those pictures are very distressing, I cannot believe people have the lack of heart to do that to poor animals just to make money. Terrible terrible people!
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    Posh Puppies Rescue & Adoption Center Homepage


    What do you guys think?
    Are these pups really unwanted or do you think they are actually supporting puppy mills?

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    This is so makes me want to cry.

    I recently adopted a 12 week old pup from the rspca who I was later told had come from a petshop, probably from a puppy farm. Think how sad that is, at 5 weeks she was given to the pet shop and at 10 weeks when she didn't sell she was dumped at the pound. When I got her at 12 weeks, even though she was beautiful and gentle she wasn't overly affectionate or trusting, probably because she had had very little human contact. Now after 2 weeks she has become a total snuggle buddy.

    So sad to know that this is happening in should be against the law and have huge penalties.

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    Julianne I like to think that it's a genuine rescue organisation.
    I'm amazed that they de-sex the puppies at such a young age.

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    That surprised me too,.

    As for Unethical Breeders, I have thought for awhile now that we need to get vet's educating the public because while most pet owners go to the vet,
    They don't go out of their way to research how to get a dog or talk to breeders.

    If some organization was able to bring out a Brochure (for clinics) explaining adoption and where to get a puppy then I believe it would be a much more common thing for people to say no to Unethical Breeding.
    If they could also bring out posters for vet's to put up in their clinic that would be great to, explaining what makes a dog breeding quality.

    Somewhere on the Brochure, they could mention Shelters, Rescues and Breeders if they were able to personalize it for their specific state/city.

    I feel like vet's often misguide people about breeding, with one of the reasons being they themselves are unable to do required test's on breeding stock which is why they do not mention it.
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    I was sent this in the mail last week from IFAW – yes - it is from last year - but - very interesting.


    The link below is the report – but does take awhile to download. Yes – it is American – but the results are pretty interesting (scary)!

    These other links – just give some summary information:

    Unleashing the truth about online puppy sales | IFAW - International Fund for Animal Welfare

    How much is that doggie in your browser? You’d be surprised. | No Dog About It Blog

    Imagine if this sort of report/study was done for Australia ?
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