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Thread: Am I Confusing My Puppy?

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    Have a 9 week old cavoodle - so so sweet. Would like to know if I am confusing her or setting myself up for trouble in the future. To set the scene this is what I am doing:

    At night and when I am out during the day she is in a cage with bedding etc - the cage door is open with water outside cage then a puppy wee-pad. This is all sectioned off in the corner of a room and this room has access to back yard (but she doesn't have that in place yet). She seems ok when she is in the cage unless she knows I am up/around and she cries. I am not sure if this is an age thing or not.

    Her cage is on our lower level with access to the back yard - however she spends alot of time on our living room level which only has access to the front yard.

    Basically I am taking her out the front sometime to wee etc and sometimes out the back - does this confuse her?? She seems to like the grass on both areas. Eventually when I can trust her she will have access to the back yard.

    Any insight appreciated!

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    I'd just take her to the back yard where she is going to have free range eventually, or she will think she should be able to go around the front as well. Whatever you do just stay consistent and she will learn to adapt to whatever you do without confusion.
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    when you take her out to wee, have a word you use consistantly, when she actually performs. Ie as she pees - say "good dog" and "Hanson" (name of unfavourite politician - or rarely used word of your choice). Some people use "go be quick" but then you can't use "go" or "be quick" for other things. I'm fairly direct - I use "Shitnapiss" and puppy does not get back inside until she performs.

    Sometimes the front lawn gets a result faster than the back lawn so I'm not bothered about which I use - but mostly it's the back.

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