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Thread: Adopting My Puppy's Sister

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    Default Adopting My Puppy's Sister

    This may be a long story, but the more details you have, the better advice you can give, right?

    I've got a crazy cute black and white (Beagle)x(ChihuahuaxMiniFoxie) named Pancakes who I got at 12 weeks old. She is settling in really well, nearly fully toilet trained and taking well to the commands learned puppy pre-school. She is VERY affectionate toward people and has no trouble meeting and playing with new people.

    Her story is that my family friend sold Pancakes and her sister to a work mate who took them and gave them back more than once in a couple of weeks. He decided he couldn't care for two puppies, right when I was starting to look around for one.

    Now he doesn't want the the second puppy. She will be almost 16 weeks old, so the two will have been apart for a month. If no one wants her soon, I'm thinking that we could take her, as our family friend is quite stretched with the dogs she has.

    Is this immediately a bad idea? This is not my first puppy, but I've never had two dogs at once. I have read a couple of things saying that it's not a good idea to have two similar dogs of the same age. Are there any pros to keeping the two of them? I'm worried that she is coming to a teething stage and if someone responsible doesn't take her soon she will develop bad habits and be moved around again.

    Out of curiosity, will they still recognize each other as siblings? A month isn't long to a person, but to a puppy it might be? What is the best way to reintroduce them, would the normal advice for introducing a new dog into the home be applicable? Pancakes is already very attached to me and will follow me from room to room. Would I expect a lot of jealousy?


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    Default Why not?

    Hey Pancake's owner,

    I cannot believe that no one has replied to you until now.

    Why not? If you can't think of a reason why you shouldn't -- then you should! It seems like pancakes is a very nice puppy and I bet she would love to have a sibling to keep her company when you are out.

    I would definitely think about the commitments to adding another member of the family. Although this does not necessarily mean that you will have to do double the work (ie. you will not need to do double the walks because you take them both on the walk at the same time).

    I would go and ask the previous owner exactly why he no longer wants the puppy. You never know, there could be some behavioral problems with the dog.
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    Sorry for the second one,
    I seem to have missed the bottom questions

    I do not know if they would recognise each other as siblings. That is a really good question and I hope that someone else would be able to answer it. There may be some scents that the dog would recognise as family

    I am not sure about how the dog feels to as a long time but to give you an idea, to convert the dogs age in human years to dog years you multiply it age in human years by 7.

    Yes, the normal introducing guidlelines would be applicable and after a while the jealousy will wear off. No promises that she would be jealous initially of course

    Hope you make the right decision,
    Busta the apricot poodle x spaniel

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