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    Hi there I have a 12wk old rotti x i think thats what the rspca think she is to me she looks like a ridgeback or bullmastiff anyway the past couple she has had a thing about toes and clothes that you are wearing she will start barking and growling ant then she will nip at your toes and latch on to your clothes i push her away and tell her no but she just kepps doing it i no it probably just play but she is going to be a big dog and i wont to stop her now before she does get bigger especilly if the kids run around the backyard like they do now and she goes for them and latches on to there clothes she might really hurt them even though she think she is just playing.

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    I agree, it is extremely important to stop the mouthing, and biting even if it is only play.

    I have a number of suggestions - try any or all or randomly pick one... but always do something to discourage the biting.

    1. Yelp - nice high pitched "ouch", if you want to know the exact sound - try to remember what noise the puppy makes if she gets hurt accidentally. This usually gets a puppy to let go, at which point - lots of praise. This is the puppy to puppy technique.

    2. Growl and snap and walk away - this is what mother dogs do to puppies that bite. Alternatively - rattle some coins in a tin can and walk away - turn your back on the puppy, count to three slowly, and as soon as the puppy stops with the biting (for 3 seconds) - lots of praise.

    3. find some yuckky tasting stuff and paint your toes with it. There is stuff around specifically for dogs, and for horses that chew on their stables. I can't recommend chilli because my dog actually likes it now. But vicks vapour rub or eucalyptus oil works for a while. You may be able to find something similar for clothes but I don't know what that might be. This one worked on my brother's staffy though it was accidental and I wouldn't recommend something this toxic: I put a lot of Rid on my toes to stop the mozzies that love me, and it stopped the staffy too.

    4. Naughty corner. If things are completely out of hand - confine dog in its crate or a small but familiar friendly space eg if it sleeps in the laundry...

    5. Distract and substitute, have lots of toys that are ok to chew, cotton rope toys are good, and if you are playing with the puppy, encourage chewing on the rope not you. Refer 1. Yelp if the puppy misses the rope and gets your hand or clothes.

    Fedra provided a link to Turid Rugaas dog trainer
    Questions and answers from Turid Rugaas

    There are some good practical suggestions along with the frequent "you need to get a dog behaviourist". I wish there was a reliable way of picking a good dog behavourist - I've heard more bad things than good - though sometimes naughty dogs are created by their owners and that's very difficult for the dog behavourist to fix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    But vicks vapour rub or eucalyptus oil works for a while.
    Puppies tend to lick everything and anything, even very yucky and in this case very poisonous stuff. EUCALYPTUS OIL IS POISON. Do not do that, please.

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    thankyou iv tried option 1 it worked for a little while now she just thinks its part of her game and iv tried option 5 if you give her one of her toys instead she drops it and it back to chewing one my clothes ill give the others ago see if they help she is booked in for puppy pre school on the 9th of sep so hopefully that will help

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