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Thread: Just Cant Hold It...

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    thanks for the tips Hyacinth, though everyone (vet included) tells me not to take the take water away at night. I'm sure that would help the issue cuz he loves to gulp down his water lol, but dont want to take away if shouldnt.

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    Hi Tobinator

    I guess listen to your vet - but it was one of my vets who is also president of my dog obedience club and ran my puppy school that suggested taking the water away at night time. Go figure - even vets have differerent opinions. I guess I'd reconsider if I was feeding a large amount of dry food before bedtime but I think that's probably a bad idea too.

    And just so you don't feel alone - I took my puppy dog outside last night and she did a nice big solid crap outside (after several days of porridge poops), and I thought I'm right to go out for a meeting for a few hours - and I hadn't fed her dinner yet.

    And I get home a few hours later - and she'd done a porridge poop in the middle of the lounge and was asleep on the couch despite the pong.

    So most of it was on an old sheet I use to protect the carpet, and little bits were on the carpet, sigh. So I take the sheet outside and I clean up the drips with toilet paper then martha gardeners eucalyptus wool wash and warm water - hopefully she won't think it's ok to go there again, and next time I go out she may be shut in the tiled bit of the house instead of being allowed in the lounge as well. The only other time she's been caught short for a poop inside the house, she went very close to the back door, but this time I guess she didn't make it.

    Fortunately it was a very windy night and at the expense of a warm house - I got rid of the pong fairly easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobinator View Post
    Hi all,

    new to forums and hoping to get some advice

    I've got an 11month old American x Eng Staff who is toilet trained to a certain extent. He will got to door when needs to go out to pee etc. We take him out right before bed and as soon as we wake up in the morning, which is always before he wakes up... he loves to sleep in . Anyway, problem is that he still cant always go a full night without having to pee. I'd say 30% of the time it's fine, but other 70% there is a pee waiting for us on newspaper we leave for him overnight. It's never more than 8hours sleep time for him.

    Is it just something that he will grow out of, being able to hold on when he gets older? Should we not worry so much and just wait until he can hold his bladder?

    An 11 month old dog should be able to hold on all night if he has been properly toilet trained unless there is something physically wrong such as kidney or bladder problems. I assume you've had him checked by your Vet just in case.

    If his health is good I would be going back to basics as if he were a young puppy again.

    First, get rid of the newspaper. Paper training may be OK for people in other countries who keep dogs in flats with no gardens but if you have access to an outdoor area a pup should be taught from day one that outdoors is the place to go. Paper trained puppies take much longer to train and may never be 100% reliable in the house.

    Constant vigilance for the first week or so is the secret to sucessful house training. Confine the pup to a pen or crate unless you are watching him and take him outside every couple of hours at first, also after eating, sleeping, playing or whenever he sniffs about prior to squatting. Praise for a job well done. Ignore the occasional accident. With a new pup I also take them outside regularly during the night.

    Weyland Deerhound came to me aged 8 weeks and was completely toilet trained by the age of 10 weeks. He made one tiny puddle in the house throughout his whole life and that was at age 9 weeks when I didn't open the door in time for him to go out. Meryln Deerhound was 10 weeks when he came home and was completely trained by 12 weeks. Constant vigilance really pays off.

    I find bitches take a little longer to toilet train than dogs but Kenna Sheltie, my current dog, was 100% reliable by 5 months. Our Whippet, Strada, was 20 months old when we got him and had been a kennel dog. I treated him like a young puppy, taking him out regularly and using lavish praise when he did the deed. Strada has made only one puddle inside and that was right at the back door. My fault. He asked to go out and I was busy and ignored him.

    It will be harder for you to break what has now become a habit. Maybe think about investing in a crate to use at night. I would be very surprised if your boy pees in the crate.

    Sorry for all the waffle but hope it helps a bit.

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