Please dont buy a puppy from a petshop, over the internet or trading post.

Back yard breeders and puppy farmers sell their puppies this way.

What you need to think about is what lies behind that sweet little puppy face.

BYB's and puppy farmers are only interested in massive proffits and they cut every corner to maximise those profits. The Mother of these puppies live in hideous conditions most often and are forced to breed each and every season. They often never step out of their cage, never run on grass, are neglected and are often in poor condition. And when their reproductive life is over they are dumped or inhumanely killed.

Puppies are taken away from Mum at an early age which has an enormous impact on their socialisation skills. Because they are bred so badly these puppies also often have genetic and health problems.

I agree a repuatable registered breeder or rescue pet is your best option.

The Petrescue link given is fantastic, take a look.

Two young puppies is a lot of work, for a period of 2-3 years at least.

How much time do you have to spend with new puppies? Is your fencing very good? What training are you happy to take on?

Perhaps a dog who is past the puppy phase would suit you best? If you buy a rescue pet from a repuatable rescue group the dog will have all vet work completed and will be fostered in a loving foster home. The foster carrers get to know the dog intimately which is fantastic. Many will have had basic training in a foster home, toilet training etc.

Importantly you will have support from the rescue group whenever you need it for the life of the dog.

I have lost count of how many dogs i have fostered and rehomed. Every single one of them outstanding and now cherished in forever homes.

Adopting a rescue pet is a very special experience for many. Not only are you saving a life, but you are allowing for another to be saved.

Check out petrescue! and research, research, research!!

Good luck and let us know how you get along