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    Default Jenna and Puppy School

    Hi everyone,

    Jenna and I went to our first puppy school class yesterday and it was not a roaring success. Jenna barked so much at all the other puppies. At the end of the session there was 15 mins of 'free play' for the puppies to have fun. Firstly Jenna wouldn't come out from under the chair, then when she did, she would bark at the others, go to join in, then back up barking and growling at them. It was a bit upsetting to see all these other puppies running round playing with each other and Jenna not joining in. Unfortunately the one time she did approach the others this little beagle came flying in and wouldn't leave Jenna alone. He was only playing but Jenna was obviously trying to get away from him. The lady running the classes did pick the beagle up to give Jenna break and he moved his attentions to another dog.

    Do you think Jenna will get more social as I continue to take her or have I just got a timid dog on my hands and there's nothing I can do? Fear aggression is my concern but the 'teacher' didn't think Jenna's growling was aggressive, as her tail was wagging the whole time.

    Funnily enough, Holly was always hiding under the chair at puppy school but she never barked or growled like Jenna.

    What do you think? Are there any timid pooches out there who came out of their shell as they got bigger?
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    I think you need to get socialising with your dog! I also think you need to not push it. Start socialising with older, more settled dogs and work on it as you go along.

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    Hi Tkay

    I took my puppy to puppy school and then puppy obedience training and now doggy obedience training. Puppy school was much as you described, except my puppy tried to be in everything. Not motivated by treats, and totally into play. We had a Groodle and a Malamute in our group along with my cattledog x. First class - the Groodle hid under a chair or any legs she could find - she'd been the boss puppy at her previous classes but I think the puppies malamute and fearless cattledog were a bit overwhelming. Eventually the Groodle got braver - so I say persist. Don't force your puppy to do anything related to play, do protect her if another puppy makes her squeal and doesn't back off (they're supposed to back off or let go if a puppy squeals or submits). Gradually she will work out what is ok and what isn't, and so will you, in doggy play/interaction and that's the whole point.

    Some dogs never get the opportunity to socialise with other dogs, and it's hard for an adult dog to learn proper dog interaction rules. Some never do and I take my dog home when they're loose at the dog park.

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