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Thread: Pls help identifying the breed

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    Being an outside dog is a big problem in raise a dog correctly they must be part of the family and that includes being inside with their people.

    What behavioral problems are you talking you don't say. I wouldn't worry about what breeds make up your dog because it's up to you to train one else.
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    lets guess. if its a known aggression issue dog breed what will you do?
    It its a breed not known for dog aggression, what will you do?
    Breed in these circumstances, is irrelevant really. The behaviour, is the issue.
    without a descriptor of the problematic behaviour, its too hard to guess

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    I would have to agree with the others' suggestions, that the dominant breed showing in your girl is not Mastiff.

    I see her as An American Staffy cross (I don't know why but her tail and elbows down looks kind of "heeler-y" to me.

    Determining breeds visually is near impossible to get it accurate. Some dogs can have 8-10 different breeds in them. A DNA Test (Available by order online, give or take $100) might be your best bet if you really want to get close (and even then, isn't 100% accurate)

    But I would stop calling her a Mastiff Cross and Start calling her an Amstaff cross.

    In regards to her behaviour - In order to give you some suggestions on how to progress, as the above people have suggested, we really need some examples and scenarios. (Eg. some people might say "my dog growled at my toddler" but when you put the whole thing in perspective, you find out that the child had a biscuit and the doog took it and the child tried to get it back, but without the whole story, there really isn't anything that anyone can suggest.

    Her breed won't have a lot to do with her behaviour. Environment, stimuli, previous experience and exposures and training techniques will make up the reason for most (if not all) of her behaviour.

    Hoping we can get some more info in order to give some insight.
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