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    My border collie puppy is 17 weeks old and she's just lost all of her front teeth, top and bottom. I'm presuming this is normal and she's just loosing her baby teeth? Does anyone have experience with this? She's not eating much, even when I make her dry food mushy.

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    Hi JMPacker

    It's probably normal. I think my dog went through a few baby teeth purges before she was all grown up. I found most of them with my bare feet because it was summer and she lost most of them inside on rope toys or chews.

    I'd consider feeding her some yogurt mixed with water and maybe some sardines in olive oil (very hard to resist) both nice and soft. If she has 24 hour fast or doesn't eat much - that's ok. I did feed my dog mostly dry food when she was a puppy but soaked it until mushy until she was 6 months old.

    You can also google for something called "satin balls" which is a soft mixture with egg and mince that most dogs will eat no matter what.

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    Teething can be a really painful experience for your little girl. It is totally normal and part of our pups growing up.

    Have you checked in your pup’s mouth to see what is going on ? Sometimes teeth don’t fall out as they should – so maybe you need to visit a vet to make sure everything is going OK.

    With my little one – I fed her carrots, cored apples and chicken wings – she loved them particularly if they were cold or even semi-frozen.

    I really like these links – so some reading for you:

    Puppy Development Schedule | K9pro Training

    How to Survive Puppy Teething and Nipping | Karen Pryor Clicker Training

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