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Thread: Are you sure you want a puppy?

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    Default Are you sure you want a puppy?

    Do you remember what they're like?

    Great article from Victoria Stillwell's (itsmeorthedog) team.

    Making the transition from two perfect old calm dogs to a Tasmanian devil of a puppy is not easy. I found myself saying what I hear owners say to me all the time, “but my old dog never did that”.

    Yes, I am sure he did, and we have forgotten!

    A few words about puppies. They do not come pre-programmed. They do not know that we have a certain set of human rules that we expect them to live by. It takes an amazing amount of time and patience to teach puppies what it is we want and most of us are in short supply of both.
    The article goes on to suggest what you need to do to maximise the good stuff and minimise the bad...

    Research rescue groups or breeders in your area. Do not rely on internet sites with cute pictures of puppies. Many of these sites are just glorified puppy mills.

    Know where your puppy comes from. If you buy from a breeder, meet them on their property and you should be able to meet the mother.

    Research health issues for your breed and know what health guarantees the breeder offers. For information on health issues by breed, see The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals: Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
    For more info on health issues by breed, there is also this site based on USA data mostly.
    LIDA Dogs - LIDA Dogs - Faculty of Veterinary Science - The University of Sydney

    If you choose a cross breed - check there's no overlap of genetic problems or if there is - check the breeder has excluded them as best they can. Get that promise in writing.

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    Great articles there. Thankyou.

    We do forget what mischief and constant vigilance is required in pup raising. Till you puppy sit for someone. And boy, your glad to see the couple return to collect at the end of the weekend!

    Even visiting my son's 2yr old dogs, they are so 'in ya face' compared to my 2 mature laid back ancients, who take everything in their stride, and dont even bother to get up these days,when i smash another plate/cup on the stone floor around them. I love maturity too.

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    I've not had a puppy for many years and had forgotten what it was like...that's until Chloe ( 7.5 mths) at the time came along...what a nightmare.

    She just went nuts...We couldn't take our eyes off her as she was into everything and being nearly fully grown...she could reach places I didn't think she could. We got her toys but her favorite chew toy at the time was the lounge...I came out and thought what's that foam on the floor from...ahhhh she's ripped it off the little shit.

    She loved pulling clothes off the line and digging holes and just wouldn't do as she was told...she'd jump up onto the dining room table and I'd tell her to get down which she I had to drag her off. We have a bucket of water in the house for them to drink out of...but Chloe liked to stick her head in it and throw the water everywhere then put her paws in and run allover the house and we'd have water everywhere too.

    At the time Chloe had never been in a house before and being a rescue I couldn't blame her...she did improve a great deal over time and a lot more Grey hair on my part and we love her but I will never get another puppy...that's for sure.
    Chloe & Zorro
    Rottweilers and German Shepherds are Family

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