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Thread: German Shepard Puppy

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    *tip toes in waving white flag*

    I have to admit I agree with Aussie a bit,as a newcomer,maybe those answers would seem a bit unfriendly....we all can understand why we would be less than friendly to such a suggestion but if this person doesn't come back then we can be pretty sure that the garage is exactly where the new dog will be kept

    Now having said that,the OP did answer Occy's first question happily enough so perhaps they have thicker skin then we thought
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    There are diplomatic ways to deal with this.

    We agree that no dog should be left in a garage - no disputing that.

    So, options:

    Firstly, patrickraj, you can make or buy a run with a kennel or shelter which is more suitable to a dog's ongoing welfare than being inside a garage. Or you can have a look at your yard and fencing situation and think of other less restrictive containment measures.

    Secondly, if a different breed suits you and your lifestyle better then think about it, and have a look about. GSD's are fantastic, no-one is disputing that. But there is pretty much a breed to suit everyone out there - and if you need something different don't be afraid to ask.

    I know Occy's back is up because this is Occy's most beloved breed and the thought of them having less than what they deserve is upsetting... that's ok. That's good. Every breed, and every dog, needs people to be passionate about them.

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    Any dog being locked in a garage all day gets my back up I'm afraid. Locking a dog inside the house all day is just as bad IMO. Dogs need access inside and outside. I do get very very shitty when people can't spell shepherd correctly. Might seem like a small thing but if you are going to buy a breed, it is best to do some research about it first, and if you are spelling the name incorrectly I have to assume very little research aside from "Ooh let's get an Inspector Rex" has been done.

    Just IMO of course

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    Occy, i apologise if i have offended you with my question. Thank you all for your responses.

    I do have a backyard of about 300 sq meters and i will secure it. Fromthe responses, i know that i shouldn't lock any puppy up in the garage. my main question is,

    - Can i leave a German Shepherd (spelt correctly now :-) puppy alone in a secured backyard during the day. I will definately give it exercise in the evening

    Occy, Please understand that this is part of my research... initial research. I am not yet ready to get a puppy, i just don't want to get a puppy and leave it alone in the backyard or garage thinking that its ok and affecting it adversely.. so i ask the stupid questions. I think its better to ask the stupid questions (with spelling errors) and refrain from doing something silly as opposed to not asking those questions simply because someone might get "shitty" :-) Thanks.

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    Nothing personal, it just irks me - I'm allowed to be irked lol

    I wouldn't leave a gsd pup alone in a yard for fear of it being stolen

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    No question is silly or stupid As we can all learn from it

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    Hey P
    Is it possible for you to get your pup when you have holidays or when you're able take time off from work and be with pup for a while? In that time you could invest in a doggy door and teach pup to be inside and out.

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    hey patrickraj
    i have a 18 wk old german shepherd pup. My bf goes to work 4 days a wk from 9~6, and although I try to keep her company as much as I can when I'm not at uni, she spends alot of time during the day by herself.
    I think there's nothing wrong with leaving ur puppy alone, as long as u spend lots of quality time playing with them when u return- tho in the garage is probably not a good idea. GS love the grass and the sun, and keeping them in a dark, boring place like the garage would bore them to death. The garage is not a healthy place for a puppy to spend time alone at all, except for sleeping. Also, where would he/she pee?

    I strongly advise you to put in a sturdy dog-friendly fence at leave your dog in the backyard to play own it's own, with lots of toys to keep it company. GS love attention and are super affectionate pets, but they also like playing on their own. After my pup decides she's gotten enuf attention for the afternoon, she'll run outside and sit in the yard chomping on its toys for a bit, then run back in every few minutes to check on me and get a pat, then run back out again. I strongly believe that GS are 100% outdoor dogs. They only like indoors cos humans are inside..If you take the human out of the equation, they won't like it all.
    All in all GS are the most amazing companions.. smart, obedient, affectionate, and SOOOO FLUFFY!!!!! hope you find your baby soon!

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