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Thread: Daytime friend for my puppy

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    Default Daytime friend for my puppy

    I am a new dog owner with a 10 week old cavalier pup. I live on the Southside of Brisbane near Logan Hyperdome. I am looking for someone else in this area with a dog who might like to share my dogs house and yard on workdays and vice versa. I work 30 hours a week and Im planning to ease her into being left on her own but it would be ideal if she had a playmate without me having to get a 2nd dog. No harm in trying.


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    welcome Zanna

    Good luck with your quest.

    Puppies sleep a lot so I'm sure your puppy would be fine without a playmate. At 10 weeks old - she probably doesn't need more than 10 to 15 minutes of walk or exercise in one session.

    Sometimes a radio left on can comfort a puppy - especially talk radio.

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    Maybe have a look at puppy day-care on the following link:

    This forum is not that busy – so I really don’t expect you will get many or any offers to help.

    Do be careful – your pup is only 10 weeks old. I would be very careful about letting your pup go to any unknown places – because of parvo and kennel cough.

    Why not start training her to be happy staying at home when you are not there ?

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    Thank you. I am easing her into being left alone and she is pretty good at entertaining herself and she does sleep a lot. Thank you for your suggestions.

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