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    Just wondering how much I should be feeding my puppy. Is there a formula you can use based on their age & weight?


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    Usually the first info comes from the breeder when you pick the pup up....I go by that to start and just increase slightly and watch how the puppy is gaining weight...I feed young ones three times a day. AS I have newfoundlands it is hard to compare and even than different pups have eaten different amounts..We feed RAW, so meaty bones were a big part and they kept them occupied for long periods.
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    Usually the formula is written on the puppy food pack.

    But you usually can cut that back by about 20% to 30% - even more if the puppy is desexed. Companies with a vested interest in selling more dog food tend to over state the amount for the target weight - maybe assuming max exercise levels?

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    I tend not to feed my puppies puppy formula these days, just a good quality kibble and pre packaged RAW. Not all puppies are created equal,my border collies for example will need more food than a similar weight cattle dog I have found. I like to grow my pups out lean so I really keep an eye on them as they grow and adjust the feeding accordingly. I would rarely feed a cattle dog what they suggest on some packs but for one of my Border collies I have had to feed him more and they are exactly the same weight but a very different build.

    So weight and age is only part of the story. I find my eye is usually the best judge. I will also often increase feed in winter when they are growing and burning more energy. Use the suggested amounts as a guide only. Different foods have different protein, fat and calorie contents so one formula doesnt fit all.

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    Thanks for the tips. Seems like common sense is the best approach

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