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Thread: Puppy resources and hints!

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    Default Puppy resources and hints!

    Hi all,

    I would like to draw on your knowledge! We are planning on getting a puppy later this year, we have not had a puppy in 15 years, I intend to do puppy preschool and training but before that what are the things we will need, what will make it easier and what precautions should we take?

    I have had dogs my whole life but only one puppy and like I said that was 15 years ago! And she was 12 weeks when we got her! She was a rescue!

    We will most likely rescue again but I am not sure yet!


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    Hi Cas

    There's heaps of info out there - this site, I like.

    Dog Star Daily

    the RSPCA knowledge base also has heaps of information

    and if you want another rescue
    provides a place where most of the reputable rescues can list dogs and puppies.

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    Oh please get a rescue. They are great for you soul. You feel your doing something good, AND there are so many unwanted dogs ready for loving homes.
    I would say, that for around $60 you can purchase a crate. You could then crate train your pup.
    Reasons why you would want to crate train a pup:
    house breaking is simpler and more effective
    a pup needs a 'only me' space to rest in where toddlers, kids, adults, cats dont go.
    staying over somewhere is simple, you just collapse the crate, take it with you. A home from home for your pup, to help settle him.
    the crate can be taken camping, to a kennels, to the vets and the dog can rest easy in its home from home there.
    the crate can contain your dog when required: parties, workmen in the house etc
    the crate can ensure rest is achieved, when the dog is sick.
    the crate can go in the back of a car, ute etc
    the crate can be used at shows
    the crate will contain debris from what its disembowled toy wise.

    yeah, get a crate and train your dog in it.

    My dogs all think the crate is 'their' special place, they love it.

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    Hey Cas,
    I have spent majority of my childhood around Dogs and one of the most important things about the new addition to the family is to understand the breed and learn more about the parents.. Most people planing on adding to the family are prepared to buy the bits and pieces once things fall apart they turn to the pound..

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