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Thread: Parvovirus… again.

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    Exclamation Parvovirus… again.

    Okay, so I'm really worried about the new puppy I am getting soon. We have been looking after a friend's dog for some months now, and his last vaccination against parvo was in 2011, when he was a puppy. He was due for another vaccination in July this year, but he hasn't had it. Could there be a chance that he could be carrying parvo? He's leaving soon, so he won't be here when the puppy is, but could he still be a danger to her? How can I keep her safe?

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    I dunno. Ask your vet.

    Parvo vax is supposed to be good for 3 years - the only way you could know for sure is to get the old dog blood tested for immunity.

    and the soil at your house tested for parvo.

    And this would be one reason boarding kennels like to see proof of immunity before they will take a dog.

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