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Thread: Puppy playdate in Hornsby with 13 week old puppy

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    Default Puppy playdate in Hornsby with 13 week old puppy

    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to the forum and to raising puppies!

    I recently adopted a male Lagotto puppy, Lucca, who is now 13 weeks old. He has attended puppy preschool where he met other puppies and has also met other dogs at cafes. He is lively and outgoing without being hyperactive.

    I was wondering whether anyone would be interested in arranging playdates with their puppy or dog who is gentle.

    I am located in Hornsby, Sydney and am happy to either go to your place or host at my place – I have a smallish courtyard.

    Available weeknights and on weekends.

    Please let me know if you are interested.

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    Ooh, Hornsby is a bit far away from me - sorry about that...

    But would love to see some pictures of your puppy, lagotto romaglo are very cute.

    If you don't know anyone with puppies - you could ask your dog's breeder if there are any near you and ask the breeder to pass on your contact details to anyone they think might be interested.

    I met lots of doggy people at a large park where dogs were allowed to exercise off lead - but you'd have to wait until your puppy has had all their vaccinations plus 2 weeks for immunity...

    I also met lots and a few friends for play dates at dog club - but most of them close for December and January.

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