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    I'm getting a doberman puppy in a little under 3 weeks, and I'm so excited! But my family has been looking after a friend's dog for a while, and he hasn't had yearly vaccinations. Would this be a problem? He's going to go home soon, but I've heard that parvovirus can live in the ground for up to 2 years. What can I do to protect my new puppy? Also, I quite frequently walk around the park in bare feet then come inside, so could this possibly bring parvovirus into the house? Can it live on carpets and floor?
    Sorry for all the questions… I'm freaking out a bit!

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    But my family has been looking after a friend's dog for a while, and he hasn't had yearly vaccinations. Would this be a problem?
    Yes. But only if the dog your family has been looking after has Parvo or any of you (humans or dogs or cats) have been walking in areas (with or without shoes) where Parvo is active - ie you can track it back home on your feet and shoes.

    Your vet may be able to test the dog that your family is looking after for antibodies of Parvo and if the vet is local - ought to be able to say if there is a lot of Parvo near you.

    If the dog you are looking after - tests positive for Parvo - it may be immune (vaccination is still active) or a carrier (doesn't get sick from it but can spread it around). Personally if that dog is likely to be a regular visitor to your home while you have your puppy and as it grows up - I would be taking mr Holiday camp off to the vet to get vaccinated.

    The good news about Parvo and Distemper vaccines - is they work for about five to seven years - so if visiting dog has had vaccination for these some time in the past 3 to 5 years - it's very unlikely it could pass on Parvo or Distemper. But it could still pass on kennel cough
    The Best Part About the New Dog Vaccination Guidelines

    clean up of the environment to get rid of Parvo is difficult.

    Once areas such as lawn or dirt have been contaminated with parvovirus they are practically impossible to
    adequately clean and unvaccinated dogs should not be allowed in these areas for years after a sick dog has been
    on them. This means any future puppies should not be allowed in the yard until 2 weeks after their last puppy
    So what to do?

    I would talk very nicely to the breeder and explain what irresponsible parents and friends you have that would put a puppy at risk like this and could the breeder please keep your puppy at their place (and you will pay a reasonable boarding fee eg $30 per day or so) until the puppy has had enough vaccinations + 2 weeks to be immune.

    So if your puppy gets its first vaccination at 8 weeks - you won't be able to take it home until it is 18 weeks.
    puppy vaccination schedule is 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 16 weeks + 2 weeks (for immunity to build up to useful amount).
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    You can register here and look at maps of disease outbreaks reported by vets in your area.

    In Adelaide - the area around Salisbury and Elizabeth is the worst for Parvo outbreaks. Possibly because it's a poorer area where people don't bother getting their dogs vaccinated or desexed (and the puppies all get it).
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    Quote Originally Posted by mymatejack View Post
    There is a site somewhere that lists all cases of parvo, distemper and I think another disease and which areas they came from. Unless you're in a high risk area, or like Hyacinth said the dog you've been looking after actually had parvo then I wouldn't be too concerned. Just follow the usual precautions of waiting till they're fully covered before allowing them into any areas other unknown dogs frequent
    I would agree with this. Where I live standard protocol at all the vets I have been to is to give the first vaccination at 7-8 weeks and then the 2nd at 11-12 weeks then wait for 10 -14 days. My vets have never suggested a 3rd vaccination, they have all told me that with the newer vaccines it is not neccessary and I have never had one done, I guess it depends on the vet. I lived in high risk areas on several occassions and was fine, but I was cautious.

    I was careful about carrying my puppies in public untill they were safe and I must say I have never worried too much about my shoes. However I would be cautious about where I walked during that period and would definitely avoid high risk areas if possible.

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