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Thread: new puppy help!

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    Oh and just be careful how rough you play with him, especially if that encourages nipping...

    I find my dog plays as rough or as gentle as I do - and given I really don't want her chomping on me - no matter how excited - I always play gentle. And I freeze up the second she's a bit too rough.

    Anything that's cute as a puppy might not be so cute when he's done growing - tho I'm going to take a huge stab in the dark and say - he's probably not going to get a lot bigger.

    He is a dog and a terrier - don't ever let him play with the pet budgie or mouse. Or even within reach. And he can still murder your favourite (dirty) undies.

    "I'm a girl" - I completely guessed that wrong - based on your username - oops.

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    Haha its ok my husband had originally started this forum thing and i took over!! I try not to play too rough (of course i am not too rough anyway he is a puppy!) But as soon as he does start biting etc we stop. He is one of the smallest of the litter anyway so he probably wont be much bigger no! He is full if character fun and loves his cuddles, he is a real sweetheart. I just had to laugh at your cue couldnt imagine saying that to bruno whrn i baby him!! Poo and wee it is! Very different to being used to a robust beagle but fun all the same thanks for putting picture up for me

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    You could also use "go potty"...

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    Was extremely upset this afternoon. Our neighbor (who i might add had about 15 of these australian silky dogs growing up) picked up bruno and then accidently dropped him. He was sitting down at the time but he fell on his head im sure on a wood section of our garden bed. Bruno cried and yelped. I panicked the neighbour picked him and checked him he seemed fine but was very scared. I took him inside straight away and watched him he was fine afterwards running about etc but i will be much firmer with anyone (i really thought he would have known how to pick him up correctly) on only picking him up the right way. .was very upsetting to think something serious could have happened to him he is so tiny..i really hope he will continue to be ok and no damage done.

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    Gawd - how to freak a new owner out...

    So now any time Bruno is naughty or a bit slow - you can say "he was dropped on his head as a puppy".

    There's been a lot info on head injuries lately for some (tragic) reason. The toughest bit of a human head is the top / Liverpool kiss bit. Probably the same with a dog. Ie the bit that the puppy landed on would be the toughest.

    Maybe until you feel more confident about his robustness (or lack thereof) have people sit on the lawn or carpet to hold him, and make sure they can't sit on him or roll on him or kick him.

    We had an Australian Terrier - and she copped it lots for being low to the ground and always under our feet... And she never quite figured out she needed to stay out of the kitchen. Too much food dropped on the floor probably. Worth being occasionally being trodden on or swept up by a foot trying to take a step.

    And I probably wouldn't believe anything the neighbour says about dogs from now on. Even tho it was almost certainly an accident.

    Trouble with puppies (and dogs) if you support their feet - they can use you to "launch" and push off against your hand under their feet. I pick up cats by left arm behind cat's arm pits and right arm in front of back legs and both arms under the belly and lift... cat is completely secure and can't launch. Cat can still wriggle.

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    Thanks Hyacinth. Yep plan on that...bruno has definitely settled in hes so good in his crate only sometimes needing to go overnight outside once or twice. Its been extremely helpful for nipping to the shops when he has his sleeps etc. However. ..thus little monkey has really started to get into mischief. .loves trying to jump up onto the couch..trys to run up at speed to get there but of course we place him down or eventually pick him up and hold him. Any tips on how to stop him other then that? Hes also quite nippy and rough at times with benji our little boy and bites even though benji is not rough with him at all..all we try to do is put him down and turn away from him but sometimes he will to do this for ages..i just want to nip out any bad behavior straight away..hes also got a thing for our garden bed thats raised slightly with a wooden border and filled with fine bark he is trying his hardest to get into it to eat the bark ..and our strawberry plants! Hes into everything! !! He is of course very cute and playful (loves our tennis ball thing on the pole game if you know which one i am talking about) when does this cheeky behavior settle though and any tips on how to stop him getting into the garden apart from constantly removing him? How did you find your Australian Silky? Behavioral wise? Do they settle a bit?

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    Hi Team Bruno

    Any behaviour you don't like him doing - it's best to interrupt it somehow or take the fun out of it, distract and give the dog something else to do immediately - so they never learn how much fun it is to be naughty. No yelling, or getting excited...

    foundation training for behaviour interrupt is something called the "collar grab" game. You put a collar on him, you have some yummy treats (little bits of roast chicken or sliced up bits of cold sausage are good - depending what he likes).

    You start the game with him on lead so he can't nick off when he gets ADD. And you start with not too many distractions eg indoors with everyone sitting fairly still.

    You say his name (in a happy tone), touch his collar (or grab it if he will let you) and give him a treat. Then you let the collar go, count to 3 or just wait for him to forget you have sausage (ok that might be harder)... then you say his name - all happy - and grab his collar again and give him a treat.

    You repeat this at least 5 to 10 times, and then play something less formal like chase the tug toy. (you can use a bit of old tshirt cut into strips and plaited and then knotted). After 30 seconds of chase the tug toy, repeat the collar grab game.

    Then that's training over, take him out to go potty (technically more training - you can give him a bit of sausage for that if he goes where you want).

    As he gets good at the collar grab game - you can make it a little bit more difficult (one thing at a time eg per session or five bits of sausage).
    1. say his name a bit more frantically
    2. grab a bit more roughly like you're trying to stop him from falling down a hole. But not so you hurt him (don't ever want to do that as part of training).
    3. hold his collar for just a tiny bit longer... build duration up over many sessions.

    If you're playing this game right - he will stop running away when you put your hand out to grab his collar and ideally put his neck into your hand.

    If you're not quite playing it right - he will train you to hand over sausage and nick off before you can touch his collar. Ie never ever hand over sausage if you can't grab his collar first - except at the very beginning if he is really freaked out by the whole game in which case - you'd have to start by touching the lead and work your way over many bits of sausage - towards the collar.

    And avoid using food to get his attention. ie if he starts looking for the food - hide it - ask him to do the work without being able to see where the food is coming from.

    And lastly - as he learns the job - start rewarding at least average level performance or better - goes for everything.

    Ok that was a lot - that's your foundation game - collar grab.

    So now when he's doing something you don't like - you grab his collar, and hold until he's paying attention. You don't give him sausage this time. Just a pat and some praise - cos he stopped being naughty. You don't want to give him incentive to be naughty by linking naughty with the collar grab + sausage.

    it's really really important to be super consistent about what behaviour you allow (or ignore) and what behaviour you interuppt.

    I think it would be a good idea to train him to go to his mat or bed (same way you train collar grab - pair going on his bed with yummy things). keep control of the situation by keeping him on lead so he can't nick off during training. And take him out to potty when you're finished your 5 to 10 bits of sauasage.

    For his long term joint health (I know he's only little but they can still hurt themselves) - you probably don't want him jumping on and off the couch uninvited. And probably not jumping up onto things until he's at least 6 months old.

    Agility dogs are not trained to jump until they are at least 12 months old and are generally not allowed to compete until 18 months old - and that's people obsessed with keeping their dogs injury free as best they can.

    So if you want him on your lap on the couch, I would ask him to sit, and then gently pick him up and put him on your lap. And when you want to go do something else - pass him over to Mr Team Bruno or put him gently back on the floor.

    If he jumps up uninvited - I wouldn't say anything - I'd just collar grab and place him gently back on the floor - and repeat that as often as it takes for him to stop trying. Could take 5 minutes - could take 30 minutes. Try to catch him thinking instead of jumping and praise him lots for staying on the floor. Ie the more you catch him doing what you do want and praise and attention for that - the better.

    Our Australian Terrier was quite different to a Silky - they're bigger and bolder. Ours grew up with teenagers so she had a very hard life. She was quite aggressive sometimes - but we'd kind of trained her to be like that.

    She did settle eventually. Puppies usually take 18 months to settle. Unless they're labradors - and then that can take twice as long and they usually only settle when they get so fat their joints hurt.

    Try to train him to be calm on a mat. Reward being on the mat, and reward being calm with things that keep him calm (ear rubs or long slow pats) not wake him up excited like sausage. The crate will also help with this.

    If he's completely out of control or you can't supervise - do put him calmly in his crate. Chances are he's over tired, and if you have a small human child - you know what that means.

    Garden bed - keep him on lead - supervise - prevent or interupt or redirect the undesirable behaviour and praise - pat the good stuff. That's how I stopped my dog from ripping washing off the line - I caught her looking at the washing and I distracted her and gave her something else to do. I did this every time I hung the washing out and I did not leave her unsupervised with the washing until she stopped looking at it like it was food.

    lots more good stuff here
    Dog Star Daily

    and here

    Next things to train -
    "its yer choice" or "leave it"
    see if you can find my instructions in here...

    And he's a puppy - he's going to be energetic (in short bursts) and naughty and make mistakes. Be patient.

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    Thanks for all that info will read over it again have had very little spare time..

    my husband works away for long periods and a 5 year old and a puppy take up a lot of time..i feel a bit disheartened or not sure of the word...we have had a lot of stress especially in the last week and and without getting into too much its affected my concentration to some degree with bruno..

    im trying my hardest to get him out on time for pee and poo but finding im taking him out sometimes waiting 20 mins or more after play or food and he is not peeing etc then waits until he comes in..i fear we've gone backwards in his toilet training.

    When i do catch him i try to rush outside with him but its too late. I know you will probably tell me its my fault but i am trying my best. He is waking thru the night still to go out for a pee and poo sometimes but its during the day he seems to be doing it inside.

    Also last 2 days we've had heavy rain im not sure if this is a detterant for him also..what do you do in the pouring rain when they need a toilet?
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    Heavy rain and wet grass is a major deterrent for a puppy - especially one that is low to the ground.

    The Aussie terrier I told you about - she would do anything to avoid going outside when it was raining.

    What we used to do is carry her out into the rain and plonk her down on the middle of the wet grass - so (as best I could tell) her feet were already wet - she might as well go.

    You might have to put a raincoat on, grab an umbrella (if not too windy) put Bruno on lead - carry him out there all nice dry feet, and then plonk him down where you want him to go, and then just hold the lead and be boring until you get what you want and then give him what he wants, carry him back inside with lots of praise.

    It is really difficult if your time goes to hell and that will set you back a bit. Some people who are out at work and therefore not able to supervise, set up some sort of crate with a bit of artificial grass in a cat litter tray all inside a dog play pen - so the dog has somewhere like grass to go, and can't roam freely to make a mess anywhere. I think that's the key - to not let him roam when you can't supervise. So he might spend a bit more time for a while confined but he also doesn't learn he can pee anywhere when you're not looking.

    My dog - usually asked but sometimes if I was distracted (read on the computer / internet), she would make her own arrangements. Mostly this has cost me socks but sometimes... she'd toilet somewhere inappropriate because I'd given her no choice.

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    Yes that's what i did this afternoon put the lead in and an umbrella and tried to cover both of until he peed and pooed.

    Im just going to give you a run down if his day maybe I'm doing this crate training thing wrong too as ive been reading more and i think that the idea is they are mainly in the crate all the time apart from play time potty time? Even feeding in there apparently?

    So this is what happens. My son usually wakes us at 5.45 6am bruno is in the large crate in our room we get up i take him out for a pee

    we come in i give him his breakfast after hes had a wander and a bit of a play with Benji then out again for a pee etc.

    After this he is just wandering about after us..around 8 am i usually put him in his crate for a sleep closing the door covering the crate slightly with a blanket.

    I run around after kinder drop off some errands then back in time (within 2 hours) to take bruno out and he goes outside for a pee etc and a play. He then just follows me about i try to be mindful to keep taking him out regularly and he will go for a sleep happily every 1.5 to 2 hours for approx the same time throughout the day.

    One thing ive not done is to put him in his crate and leave him whilst i know he does not need a sleep i think the vet said this is important to do otherwise we may end up with anxiety separation issues. She suggested putting him in before i go for a 20 min walk or kinder pick up etc.

    Oh and generally since ive been very tired at night he goes to bed when i do a pee and poo before hand around 8.30 9.00. Sometimes he wont wake me hntil 1.30 or 3.00am to go out for a toilet then straight back to bed. Sometimes its just the one toilet overnight.

    So am i doing this all wrong? Thought we were going great last week but dont know this week
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