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Thread: Question regarding some pug puppies I'm interested in.

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    Default Question regarding some pug puppies I'm interested in.

    I came to this forum because I am trying to decide whether I want to place a holding deposit on a pup from a 1 week old litter of pugs. One of the main things I am curious of is due to the fact the mother is 1/4 jack russell and the father is purebred, how much Jack Russell physically will be noticeable in them when they're matured?
    I went to the owner's house to view them yesterday and was pleased with the mother's temperament and she looked pretty puggish. The father is a black purebred and the pup I am interested in is black as well. Could this mean genetically the pup is closer to the purebred father? On inspection of the 1 week old pup physically it looked no different to a purebred pug pup but I do understand at 1 week old not a lot is certain.

    Those questions have been on my mind for days and I am curious to know what you guys know about it.

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    I don't think there is any guarantee ever on how your pup will turn out characterwise when it grows up. This is the case even for purebreeds, but any mix is a bit of a gamble.

    Our Neros mum was a purebred Labrador. Dad was a Rottie x Kelpie. Our friends own his litter sister. At 3 months they both looked like black lab pups. But as they grew they changed. Nero still looks like a tall, lean Lab. His sister is a lot smaller and longer. I often think she looks like a pointer cross of some sort. Anyway, more importantly their character is totally different. Nero has definitely Rottie traits (staring people in the eye and being indifferent towards strangers. Indifferent at best...) His sister is nothing like that. She loves everyone but inherited the boundless Kelpie energy and can run and run and run for hours.

    So I guess what I'm saying... if you're not really open to the gamble and if a pug is what you actually want why don't you go for a purebred pug... rather than hoping as little as possible will come through from the JRT. You could end up with a pug lookalike JRT at heart...

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    If you want a pug, go to a pedigree breeder and get a pedigree dog with papers certifying it is what you are going to pay for.

    A crossbreed can turn out like anything, physically or mentally.

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    What you describe are not pugs.

    It doesn't seem like a responsible breeder and you should not have to pay a deposit for a back yard mutt breeder's puppy - that's more like the work of a scammer.

    If you want a mutt puppy - go to pet rescue and get one of theirs. Then you won't be directly rewarding someone for being irresponsible with their dogs.

    PetRescue - Inspired by unconditional love - PetRescue

    A responsible breeder does health checks on the parents of their dogs to avoid pairing dogs with the same genetic faults, eg PRA blindness, genetic history for cataracts or spinal difficulty or joint problems - or rather common in these little dogs - major teeth problems - because all the teeth do not fit in the dog's mouth properly. And the only way a dog can get dental care - is general anaesthetic.

    Most people I know who have had a breeder send them an unhealthy puppy choose to keep the puppy and pay the vet bills which can be extreme - because they can't stand the idea that the breeder will put to sleep the cute puppy. Once you have the puppy in your home it's too late. The breeder will offer you replacement but what they should really be required to do is pay the vet bills.

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