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Thread: 10 week old bull terrier biting!

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    Default 10 week old bull terrier biting!

    Hi all,

    I really need some advice. We have a 10 week old bull terrier puppy (Rosie) who wont stop biting us. We have had her for 4 weeks now and this problem has been going on the whole time, but as she is getting bigger and stronger so are her teeth and her bites! Hands and ankles are her favourites but she will also try jumping up to bite anywhere.

    I think we have tried all the methods outlined in other posts here;

    • We have tried the yelping when she does it,
    • saying no, spraying a mist of water (this worked for about 2 days but now she thinks the water spraying is a game and she growls and barks at the water bottle and tries to attack it in the hands of whoever has it).
    • We have tried leaving play for a short time as soon as she starts biting,
    • and re-direction with other play and toys (this works for a short period but within a minute she is back to biting.
    • We have tried tea tree oil sprayed on our feet and hands(this is the only thing that seems to work but she does still try to bite and as soon as it wears off she is back to biting and jumping).

    She starts puppy school in 2 weeks time and will be able to go out for walks in one week (she had her 10week vacs on Tuesday)
    Im hoping this will burn up some energy but Im worried that we cant break her of the habit of biting and the problem is only going to get worse as she gets bigger. Its just my husband and myself, Im home with the puppy all day at the moment, but she treats us both the same way. ie. biting hands and feet of both of us... Any advice please?
    PS Attached are photos of Rosie as I know how much people like puppy photos!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mymatejack View Post
    She's a 10 week old pup, leaving holes in you is her job! That's why puppies are born with those nasty little needles thery call teeth When she bites there's 2 ways I know of to stop the biting.

    1. With the hand not being bitten grab her snout and roll her lips in over her teeth and squeeze till she lets go
    2. When she bites your hand grab her bottom jaw with your fingers and her tongue with your thumb if that makes sense
    Yes this makes it mildly unpleasant for the puppy. You have to be consistant and hopefully she will get the message. Several people I know have put vinegar in the water spray but I personally havent tried this. I have cattle dogs and they can be nippy as pups but are pretty easy to train out of it. I tell them no and disengage completely with them which they dont like, I have also turned my back on them when they jump and they dont like this either. I also do a lot of early shaping which tend to refocus them.

    However a bull terrier is a different type of dog so the above suggestions may work well. Actually there is a woman who trains bull terriers for agility and she has written a book called when pigs fly and using the method called shaping she has done amazing things with her bull terriers.

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    make my dog stop being bad

    Has a good reminder on one of the pages - what do you want your dog to be doing instead of biting you eg train an incompatible behaviour like a nice sit over there...

    With my dog I tried yelping really loud, swatting her (great game of duck and bite followed), saying "NO" - she still has no idea what that means... and ignoring - fail...

    After a bit of being chewed up I found a few things worked well...
    teaching my dog "give" and "geddit" using stuff to trade for the toy she has for something better and then putting cue words with the actions...
    pushing the bit of me or thing she should not have grabbed - gently towards the back of her mouth until it became unpleasant and she tried to spit me out - count to 1 and let her spit me out ("give"). This technique requires you to be completely calm, silent and boring and tolerant of pain. Any kind of exciting movement that caused her to latch on must cease - as must any kind of rewarding attention, eye contact, talking...

    Sometimes I push her lip over her own tooth to make her let go of things - they learn fast when their pain is self inflicted. But that's not ideal.

    If she left her litter at 6 weeks old - she will have all sorts of social dog manners problems - so be really careful that she and the other puppies only have good experiences at puppy school. The RSPCA and Victoria and other people think it's best to keep a litter together and with their mum (even if they're weaned) until they are at least 8 weeks old or they don't learn doggy body language and they're rude and that can lead to fights.

    So you will need to work harder to make sure your puppy gets lots of new experiences with people and dogs in as many (controlled) environments as possible.

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    Thanks for the advice I'm trying this and it's a bit hit and miss.. She seems to have a high tolerance for pain!
    dont worry I knew when I signed on for a puppy that holes in me, clothes, furniture was going to be part of the journey. I just want to try and minimise the damage

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