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Thread: 5 month old miniature bulldog pup with a few problems

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    Default 5 month old miniature bulldog pup with a few problems

    Hi all,
    I have a 5 month old miniature bulldog pup who just loves eating my plants - he has destroyed the bottom row of my cycad and is now working on the prongs on my 2 palms. All these plants are in large pots as we rent. He does also get into the soil which we think causes him to get diarrhoea of a night. We have put large landscaping stones around the bottom of the pots to stop him eating it which has (touch wood) stopped the runs of a night.
    My question is... Is there anything I can spray/use on the plants to deter him from eating them? He doesn't eat my parsley or herbs but loves my good plants!! He is home alone during the day but I come home at lunch to check up on him and feed him. He has toys to play with during the day just wish he would chew them more and leave my cycad and palms alone.
    Anyway advise/suggestions would be great

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    I would be tempted to put the plants inside a sort of play pen that keeps the dog away from them when you're out

    And when you're home do some specific training to interrupt and redirect him if he shows interest.

    It's bit hard - most plant fertilizer - especially the organic manure or blood and bone based stuff is irresistible to dogs. You could put some vicks vapour rub around the top edge of the pots and where he sniffs on approach but you'd need to replace it daily or twice daily (ie apply again when you come home to check on him).

    It's a very unpleasant solution (I think it might sting a bit when they sniff it) and best paired with some training and putting the plants where the dog can't reach them.

    Most of my pot plants that my dog finds attractive are out the front of my house and I don't use chook poo or blood and bone in the back yard.

    I do sometimes use thrive soluble fertiliser - which doesn't seem to be as attractive.

    pens for your plants...
    Dog Exercise & Play Pens for Dog in Australia |

    You may also want to set up a sand pit in a shell pool for your dog and put some orchid bark and maybe a hint of blood and bone and some stuffed kongs into that for while you're out, and when you're training - redirect him from your plants to the dog approved digging zone.

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