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Thread: Waiting on a Dalmatian Puppy. Travelling with puppy and tips please

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    Default Waiting on a Dalmatian Puppy. Travelling with puppy and tips please

    We are on a waiting list for a litter of Dalmatian's to be born around January. We are in SA and there are no puppies from a reputable breeder around here that seems to be having a little anytime in near future, so we have gone on the list for this litter in NSW. Its quite a way but we really feel this is the correct breed for our family and lifestyle so really worth it. No way would I take the risk on a backyard breeder with no papers and little health history. My question is would it be better for us to drive there and pick up puppy or freight puppy providing we get all the relevant paper work? I would rather pick up puppy and she said I can go to vet with her and check out puppy.

    So in your opinion whats the best travel option?
    Also I have done plenty research but any extra tips on brining home a fur baby? We are a family, just my other half and 4.5 year old daughter. She has been around dogs her whole life (family members dogs) and we have taught her how to correctly handle and approach dogs. She is becoming a dog lover already. We live a active lifestyle so the Dal will fit in great He will love Jogging with my other half and beach is around the corner here.

    Thank you

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    my preferred option would be to go get the puppy too. Tho I do hear of people successfully freighting dogs - something I would not do in summer in Australia (too risky).

    There's a really good chance the puppy will get car sick. The best way to alleviate this is to have puppy travel as low as possible in the car so it can't see out. Or get a crate you can put the puppy in and cover the sides. Have you thought about how you're going to arrange the car so all your stuff fits in? And are you going to try to do it on one leg or have some stops on the way?

    Nice places to stop - the football oval at Lamaroo after visiting the bakery near the second roundabout (going East)... the football oval is the other side of the railway line from the main road.

    Also Balranald caravan park and cabins - is a nice place to stay. They have dog friendly cabins or I put my dog in her crate on the balcony of the upmarket cabin.

    You can ask the breeder about how their dogs travel and ask them about crate training the puppy before you get there.

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    We always go and get our puppies....And some have been long trips. We just use a crate and lots of p&p stops. we have never had any issues , especially if you don't change the food the breeder was feeding. We make it a real family trip all the other dogs come along, so no lonely moments. We like the fact that our intro to our other dogs is on someone else's place .....And ear plugs of ours howled almost the whole way (Katy-bear) Our last one, Yussie, just slept and played touch with our other dogs
    Pets are forever

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    I'm a long time lurker, but have just joined to reply to this thread I am a slave to two dally girls and I have to say that yes, it is SO worth going to a breeder further afield if their dogs fit your lifestyle. My two came from Tasmania, and I live in northern NSW! Both were bought sight unseen, the first was my first foray into dals and I didn't know a lot, and the second was after building a great relationship with my breeder and lots of communication (both breeders know each other).

    I didn't drive to get either of my girls, it is just too far. Cleo was flown to my hometown and Nala was flown to Brisbane, and we drove her 5 hours back home. Cleo was flown in wintery June, and Nala in November last year. With Nala, I had 2 days to have a vet check in my hometown and if there was any issue, channels were open with the breeder to solve any problems.
    If your pup is born in January, it will be March before it is ready to come home, and the weather will not be as terribly hot as summer. The breeder would hopefully have a pet transporter that they trust and would organise it all themselves.

    I highly recommend joining a facebook group called Dalmatians of Australia and New Zealand, with any luck your breeder may already be a member there and there is a huge community of 800+ people who talk dals - I take it you are aware of the very breed specific health issues they can have? That is why this group is great, many people with experience with stone forming (including myself).

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