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Thread: So Sad

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    Angry So Sad

    This really broke my heart...
    I went to a diff, supermarket today, not my usual one. There was a pet shop next door. You can enter it through the front, walk through the shop and it's back door leads you straight to the supermarket ( how convenient) As usual, half a dozen maltese x's. As I walked passed them, trying to look ahead and not look at the poor pups ( upsets me everytime) I noticed something. I wasn't sure what it was so couldn't help myself but go and have a peek. At first I thought It was a white baby rat but no, It was the tiniest puppy. I've never seen a pup this tiny, not one that's been taken from it's mum. It would have been smaller then the length of my hand and very thin. It was sleeping and the breathing seemed slow. I noticed a small sign "Not for sale". Felt a bit better after seeing it but couldn't help myself and ask the teeny-bopper what the story was. She said that it was a Jack Russell and needed to put on a bit of weight before he could be sold. Asked me if I was interested and I told her I didn't support Puppy-mills or Backyard breeders, shook my head and went with an aching heart. She looked at me like I was
    Can't stop thinking about the little guy, so I thought I'd share with you guys.
    Thanks for reading. Sorry it's a bit long.

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    Poor baby.

    It sounds like he needs more care than he will probably get in a shop...

    A little off topic, but wouldn't there be a health issue with a pet shop with animals opening into a supermarket??

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    I agree. Pup seemed like he needed to be at the vet, not the shop.
    In re. to the back door leading to the supermarket-there is a walkway that divides the 2

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    Poor pup

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    Poor little pup, Not a great start to life,Your heart goes out to them, It's so sad to see

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    Hugs to you Mags. I just bet you're still worrying about him...

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    Poor little thing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nattylou View Post
    Hugs to you Mags. I just bet you're still worrying about him...
    Thanks Natt

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    aww poor puppy, it makes me wanna cry when ever i see them in pet shops

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    so unfair!

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