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    Hi Juliette again with Louis the now 10 week old French bulldog. Thanks again for all the tips on stopping Louis biting my daughter. She seems more confident and hasn't let him bite her as much which is more relaxing for all of us. However Louis still bites during his frenzy moments. You know wake up after a big sleep run madly around the house biting and chewing everything in site then collapse in bed 15 mins later all calm. So I was wondering if it was worth getting in a trainer for a one off visit to help the kids (large kids ) with some tips and tricks to keep Louis focused on other things than chewing and biting.
    I wonder if anyone knows of a good trainer in Melbourne, Eastern Suburbs who can come to our house??

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    Try Judi at ProK9 (Home - ProK9)

    She's awesome (and, yes, I'm biased, but it's still true)

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    Another suggestion for you – Julie at InLine K9 Dog Training and Behavior

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    In your situation, I wouldn't look at one on one training at home. You need to get out and about with this pup of yours ! Socialisation is very important for you and your pup.

    Both Judi and Julie do puppy classes. So go and join up and have fun !

    Some ‘light’ (?) reading for you regarding your new pup:

    Ch 1: Before You Get Your Puppy | Dog Star Daily

    Steve Courtney Dog Training Free Dog Training Advice Online - Steve Courtney Dog Training -


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    I think these guys might be east side

    Home - ProK9

    One of them sometimes posts here as villain and flirrt (or something like that).

    If you're too far away for them they could recommend someone or
    Nekhbet might be able to, she's near Geelong, this is her website
    InLine K9 Dog Training and Behavior

    But your dog is a puppy. If you know he's going to be excited when he wakes up you could make sure you have some toys ready for him to bite instead of people. Also it's the best time to get a dog out in the back yard for a pee stop.

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