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    Hi I am new on this forum and my husband and I are a proud owner of a two month old staffy x boxer and we are having toilet training problems.
    Most of the time she is good i.e. at night time when she wakes up she comes and starts nipping at my fingers to let me know when she needs to go and during the day she cry's out once or twice and I then take her on the lead outside ( she uses a pee pad in the bathroom at night as we in Bridgetown roughly 3 hours south of Perth WA. so at night it is far to cold for her.) But sometimes she forget to let me know during the day and I find little number one around the place.

    I was wondering if is anything I can do to in courage her to let me know when she needs to pee (or poop)

    her name is Millie

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    Hi 'MillieMay' and to the forum ! Hope you enjoy being a member here !

    Millie is 8 weeks old – yes ?

    WoW – what a smart little pup for only having a few toilet mistakes inside – and asking to go out !

    If she is 8 weeks old – then she is only a baby and it will take longer than what you are expecting to properly toilet train her.

    Their toileting equipment is very small compared to what it will be like when she is an adult.

    Take her outside more often – without her having to ask ! Train her to a toilet word when she goes outside – praise and treat when she does her toileting.

    Some links for you:

    Kikopup has videos covering just about any question you may have about your pup’s training and behaviour.

    Dog Training: House training a puppy or rescue dog - YouTube

    kikopup - YouTube

    Good Luck !

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    But sometimes she forget to let me know during the day and I find little number one around the place.
    I always blame myself for these. I'm the one that's supposed to be watching for nose down sniffing behind the couch...

    8 weeks old is a little young to expect her to let you know, you have to be more vigilant about taking her out often and supervising...

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    As above. Just watch more closely and take out more often. It's not as much about teaching them the right thing to do but more about not giving them a chance to do what you don't want them to do so eventually they won't even consider it an option.

    And I would take her outside at night for consistency. I do with our foster pups in the middle of winter and I live in Canberra where we get frosts every other night this time of the year. Staffies do like a coat when it gets cold though. Not much insulation there!

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    Agree with the above. She does not know how to tell you she needs to toilet, she will just go wherever she is. If YOU are forgetting to take her outside during the day set alarms on your phone to remind you. An 8 week old pup should only really be able to hold it for a maximum of about 2 hours. I would actually be taking her out more often than that.

    Have you looked at crate training her to help prevent toileting accidents?

    Here is a link with some helpful toilet training tips.
    Toilet Training 101 - The Pawfectionist

    Good Luck!

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    she already has one jumper I should buy her some more next time we are all in Perth. and outside to loo at night here we come

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