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    Hi this is my first time to the forum and I have just picked up a 9 week old Pied French Bulldog called Louis as in Louis Vuitton.
    My question is this, the in-laws are coming round tomorrow and they have cats, obviously they are not bringing them but I was wondering if it is safe
    for Louis to be around them as he doesn't have his next vaccination for a couple of weeks. I Haven't had a puppy for a long time as our last dog died 9 months ago aged 16. I could just be being ridiculously cautious but I am already in love with my boy and want him to stay healthy.

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    Hi 'Juliette' and Louis - to the forum !

    The situation you mentioned in your post is not something I would be concerned about. It is the people coming to visit and not the cats - so it should be all OK.

    It is very important for your pup to experience different situations and people - so go for it !

    Would love to see a photo of Louis - please !

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    Nothing wrong with being cautious about other dogs. We did a great puppy preschool where all the others were at the same age. It was great for Maggie to have closely supervised play (6 puppies) and the vet nurse running it was excellent. I learned alot.
    May be ask around to see if there is one in your area and how good it is ( they vary)

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    Hi Juliette and welcome.

    We'd love to see some pix - you can use your profile to load some up in an album here and link that...

    I think as long as the cats are not coming to visit - it's all good.

    And I second about maybe doing puppy pre-school in consultation with your vet. It will help refresh your memory and keep your puppy learning good doggy manners. Do go with your instincts - if the supervisor recommends something you think is unsafe - protect your puppy and get them to explain in detail why what they're suggesting is ok...

    Puppy play dates at your place or their place is good with dogs you know are vaccinated. Again check with your vet. Ask if your area is at risk for the nasty diseases like Parvo or Distemper. These are usually more common in areas were people don't vaccinate - mostly because they haven't got the money.

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