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Thread: Urinary/Bladder Infection? Any tips...

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    Hi RileyJ,
    That's nice to know that it's not uncommon. We were a bit frazzled! Also good to hear from several of you about leaving the desexing until after her first heat.
    The Natural Remedies looked interesting: How would you give it to her? Would you give her the actual parsley leaves and the berries; she's chewing her antibiotics up straight and she devours grass so she'd probably eat them...
    I was using Bach Rescue Remedy drops in her water when she first arrived, but haven't for a week or so, perhaps I should add those back in for now.
    Meantime, she is still her gorgeous self, running around and playing; just with no bladder control. Toilet training will have to begin again after this I fear. Thanks for the advice!

    "Natural Remedies that Work
    Rather than attacking the problem with antibiotics, which can lead to undesirable side effects, there are several herbal remedies that are effective at treating urinary tract infections in pets.
    Juniper berry works very well when it comes to severe urinary tract infections. It's a herb known for increasing the rate at which the kidneys filter out impurities, and therefore, increase urine production.
    Parsley leaf is an effective diuretic that can aid in the elimination of waste. And, in addition to being highly nutritious, parley leaves have antiseptic qualities that are great for treating urinary tract infections.
    Uva Ursi leaf is one of the most powerful natural astringents available. Holistic veterinarians use it to attack a variety of pathogens that are often the cause of UTIs. It can stop bleeding and reduce the inflammation associated with these infections.
    Marshallow root works wonderfully when there's inflammation in the urinary tract. It stimulates the immune system and attacks bacteria that cause these infections, while also soothing the body and reducing irritation.
    Cranberry or Blueberry will prevent the bacteria from attaching to the lining of the urinary tract and is great for the prevention of recurrent infections.
    Supplementation with B vitamins and antioxidants in times of stress, as well as offering cooling foods such as raw fruits, vegetables, and yogurt will reduce the symptoms of urinary tract infection.
    - See more at: Natural Relief for Your Dog's Urinary Tract Infections | Modern Dog magazine

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    Thanks for the tip about the Apple Cider Vinegar, including the specific amount! That's great. The advice about the surgery is also good to know; this forum is brilliant for gathering pearls of wisdom and getting prepared. Thank you

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    Hello all, thanks so much for all your wisdom. I'm off to the markets in search of parsley, cranberries/blueberries, and apple cider vinegar. The plan is to investigate Merlot's food, although as she is currently on antibiotics for an upset stomach bug as well, I may have to hold off changing her diet for a while... The vet warned me against messing with her diet after I explained that I'd put her on rice for a couple of days after the sloppy droppings started (when the dew claw tore). I figured that she was stressed and her tummy would settle if not stressed; bad call obviously as far as puppies go! The vet explained that I shouldn't be altering a puppy's diet. She is 2 days through 5 days worth of antibiotics for the stomach bug. Would you leave her food as is for now, or look to change it. If change it, when?

    Thanks again! It's a comfort having people who've been there and done this before to dispense their wisdom. Much appreciated.

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    Be careful of the cranberries - they can be quite high in sugar... Maybe you could make tea out of air dried ones? When I make dried apricots - they get soaked in a sugar sulphur combo first and then dried so are high sugar and a bit sulphur - both of which could upset tummy.

    Fasting for 12 to 24 hours - less for younger puppies, is first step in tummy upsets, then several small feeds of boiled chicken and rice for the next few days eg if you'd normally feed 600 gm of wet food at once, feed 200gm of boiled chicken and rice three times a day ie break it up.

    If you're changing brands of dog food eg from Advance to Nutro you change one quarter of the amount at each feed... until it's all changed over. A vet recommended me the chicken and rice - so I guess some of them don't think much about nutrition - and may just recommend what they sell (makes money for them) avoid hills science diet - no matter what the vet says. If they get stroppy - get them to explain the ingredient list - especially corn (not great for an upset tummy).

    I'd add a small amount of yogurt to compensate for the antibiotics. And Id stay with boiled chicken and rice until they were done. it usually takes my dog about two days on 3 meals of boiled chicken and rice for her poops to come back to normal. Sometimes less but swapping back to regular dry food too soon can undo the good.

    I'd be tempted to look for a new vet. What they said is ok but a bit superficial one dog treatment fits all. they ought to be able to make recommendations for diet that would reduce salt and sugar and reduce the chances of infections recurring.

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    Default Update:

    Hello again,
    We've been back to the vet with another sample and the infection is gone, but... she has crystals in her urine. That means a new diet altogether for the time being - she's on Royal Canin Urinary S/O, which the vet said she is loathe to give for puppies, but it can't be helped in this case and will be for a short term until the crystals are under control. Such is life!

    So no cranberries, or anything else, just this specific food for now. At least the infection is gone. Back to the vet on Tuesday with another sample and we'll see what happens from there...

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    Im not so sure about parsley, Brian eats this all the time. And oregano (for his wheat allergy), i grow it in tubs for him to eat. And he had a UTI last week.

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    Maybe it's Parsley tea that works. I thought eating parsley was supposed to help freshen breath... Didn't know it had anti UTI properties - so based on Bernie's anecdote - maybe not.

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    'Persephone' - your poor little pup is really having a hard time at the moment. Really pleased to read that the infection has been sorted.

    Would suggest that you have another look at the following link – and it does give dosage rates for you. The whole website has a lot of excellent information on it.

    You will need to seriously look at diet/what you are feeding her - and this includes snacks - because you won't be able to go back to the dry that you were feeding her before all this happened.

    Struvite Crystals

    Something more to have a look at:

    Canine Kidney Stone and Bladder Stone Prevention - Whole Dog Journal Article

    Good Luck !

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