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Thread: What a difference a day makes!!!!!

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    She's so cute I bet you're ridiculously excited!!

    Random question, did the mum have to have a C-Section? I see in the first photo it looks like all the pups are at the vet... I've heard its pretty common for Bulldogs to need a C-Section.

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    Yes bulldogs don't have a lot of choice but to have c-sections due to the disproportionate size of the puppies' head to the mum's hips. Also breeders are usually very keen to have the puppies out by day 62 on the dot to help prevent any complications. Does add to the cost of the puppy though :P

    My little darling is already very IT savvy at 5 weeks and has started her own facebook page. You can follow her here -

    The breeder has been great at providing pics and videos and letting me show pics of the parents. I feel like I get to watch her grow up!

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