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Thread: what do I do now?

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    Unhappy what do I do now?

    Well most of you know that I have slowly been going mad waiting for a bulldog puppy. I found a breeder in SA that I have a great relationship with but after waiting a year and going through 3 unsuccessful attempts at getting a puppy (the last I have just found out were still born) I'm at my wits end.

    I'm thinking that I will have to start looking further abroad but not sure how to find a reputable dealer in another state. Any suggestions on how I go about this would be appreciated.

    Feeling very very sad at the moment.

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    Very sorry to read your news !

    What about the other 2 litters I thought you had your name against ?

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    sad for you. Have you asked the breeder you liked for a recommendation?

    All still born - that's not good. Have they got a healthy line of dogs? I don't know why this would happen.

    What about a bull terrier? I know some great bull terriers around, I could ask my friend where hers comes from...

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    That's really unfortunate. Well I guess finding another breeder is the best thing to. I am sure there are still others but the problem is that you can't really say how credible they are. I'm not sure about finding a breeder in aother state though. I wonder how much effort will out it with the travel and the communication.

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