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Thread: What Dry Kibble Do You Feed?

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    Default What Dry Kibble Do You Feed?

    Hi guys,

    Just wondering which brand of dry kibble is popular with everyone here.
    I have been feeding Miley (3 months old cavoodle) Eagle Pack Holistic Small & Mini Breed Puppy food and find that she seems to be pooping a lot (4-5 times a day) and quite large amount each time so I'm wondering if I should try and change her food to see if it'll help. Unless going to the toilet that often is normal?

    She was fed Hills Science when I first got her, slowly changed it to Innova puppy but she did the worst smelling farts and soft pudding type poo!

    Went into Pet Stock today and thought I'll get the Eagle Pack Chicken & Rice to try but it was out of stock, they mentioned that they are having shipping issues with EP which didn't sound very good, hopefully the whole range won't become unavailable! The sale assistants were pushing me to buy Eukenueba, Royal Canin or Pro Plan instead but thought I'll do some research first.

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    I feed NJ/puppy and Charlie/adult supercoat, I have heard so many story's about supercoat, But they both do well on it.
    Forgot to add Charlie poo's 2-3 times a day, NJ poo's 3-4 times a day
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    I've had mine on an IAMs all natural one but I'm not really happy with it and am going back to Coprice - which is much more affordable anyway and I find they do really well on and I don't get slop to pick up in the yard...

    I have had good results with Supercoat too, and the dogs like it. I just have a problem with the amount that comes out the other end a bit like you're having GemGems!!

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    Billie is on pro plan - not thrilled with it - will try nutrience next with her

    flash is still finishing up cappys eagle pack holistic - not thrilled with it for him either - will try the nutrience on him too

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    I don't know what to try next either

    Mine were on eagle pack first they loved it...but they started to really get sick of it and there was always kibble left in the dish.
    Because I was pretty much broke at my last pay..I ended up getting them Bonnie puppy Complete and they LOVED it..they are on their second 20kg pack now and they are getting sick of it....(Candy also has sloppy poo).

    I've also tried the Hills science diet...thumbs down, they didn't like it at all.
    Iams and Eukanuba seem to be popular....but I haven't tried them yet.
    I might try the Coprice next....and it's more afordable too!

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    Holly always ate Eukanuba so I have just carried on with that with Jenna. Holly only used to poo 2 times a day which was great but Jenna is more like 4-5 times at the moment. As long as it's relatively solid I don't mind though.

    There appears to be alot of bad press about Eukanuba but I think that is true of most of the premium kibble foods. I spent half a day trying to find a good one on the internet but gave up in the end. All the sites where they had tested the kibble were American sites and the recommended food was not available in Australia. At the moment, I think I will continue with Eukanuba

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    The more I read about diff. dog food the more it seems like there's something wrong with every single one. Too much protein, too much fat, grains . Sooooooo, I've tried diff. ones and this is how my girls went on each:

    Science Diet - not bad, not great
    Eagle pack - Liked it at first, lost interest quickly, heaps of sloppy poo
    Nutrience - They dídn't like it at all. Even Lola didn't and she's not normally fussy
    Nutro ( the Australian made one)- Both LOVE it, but seem to need a little bit more of it than others. Poos are solid too.

    So, I'm stillbut I think I'll keep them on Nutro for now.

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    Both my babies are on Royal Canine and they kind of like it. I tried Science Diet (created problem skin), Eukanuba, IAMS, and i can't remember what else.. none of them agreed with them. I cook for them now and mix it with a handful of dry food. They seem to thrive on this and ALWAYS empty their bowl.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions guys!
    Have written down all the different brands for future reference, great to find out about brands that I don't know about like Coprice and Bonnie.

    I too have gone cross eyed looking for reviews about kibble on the internet, think I will just relax and give different brands a go until we find one that works best for Miley.

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    I have one on California Natural Chicken and rice, (allergy issues with this dog) and the other on Eagle Pack. Ideally I would like to have them both on Eagle pack as I can buy this from stores that don't sell puppies. Unfortunately every time I have tried to change Mokha kibble he has had horrible reactions.

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