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Thread: Automated Toilet training using a crate and doggy door

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    Default Automated Toilet training using a crate and doggy door

    Hi guys,

    I am looking at “creative” ways to teach Zulu to 1) use the doggy door to access the yard while we away and 2) go to the toilet outside on his own while we are away…

    We have a large secure yard. This yard can be accessed via the laundry door, which has a doggy door. Zulu often makes use of this door when we let him play outside and he wants to come inside… so he knows how to use it.

    While we at work, what I thought of doing is putting his crate on the inside of the doggy door, but not giving him access to the laundry. So basically, when he is outside and wants to come inside, he goes straight into his crate, which has toys, bedding, treats etc. When he needs to go to the toilet, he simple leaves his crate via the doggy door and does his business outside.

    I haven’t tried this yet BUT I think it might work really well as he ONLY has the comfort of his crate, bedding, food and toys when he is in the house BUT he also has access to the outside yard to stretch his legs or go to the toilet.

    At the moment Zulu has a tiled section in the house which has a newspapers and turf where he wee;s on (never makes poo’s inside), but in his mind, he is still going to the toiet “inside the house”, so probably not the best method long term.

    What do you guys think of the above? The other alternative is to keep him outdoors while we are not home BUT I prefer to give him the option of coming indoors (via the doggy door) which will give him access to his crate, bedding and toys etc.


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    I think this may be over complicating things. I think I'd just leave the crate outside rather than put it up against the doggy door.

    As for encouraging him to do the right thing, you start practicing / rewarding and etc by putting him for short periods of time in his crate zone while you are home.

    That way you can see how he deals with the situation and whether he has the concept of toileting outside (you can reward him if he does so). It's good for a dog to practice being apart from you at home while you are still at home for various periods of time building up to the time that you would be at work but 30 minutes or so is a good start tho you might have to start with one minute (or less) and build up slowly.

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    I made sure Brock understood the concept of going outside by locking him in the laundry overnight where he had the choice of peeing/pooing in the laundry or using the doggy door to get outside to do it .. he chose outside. We then moved to him having the laundry and the hallway with his bed setup in the hallway so he a little further to go to use his doggy door. Once sure of this he was into my room to sleep and he used his doggy door and we've never looked back.

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    What are you currently doing to teach him to go outside for wees?

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