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Thread: Inside, Outside or Combination Dog?

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    Default Inside, Outside or Combination Dog?

    Hi All,

    I wanted to hear your thoughts / ideas regarding the Zulu’s access areas which would benefit him most.

    Currently Zulu spends most of the day (while we work), in his pen and crate. His pen seems big enough for him and it has a newspaper and turf which he uses to go to the toilet. When we home, we take him to the outside area where he goes to the toilet. While we home we also give him access to the outside area for him to run around and play.

    I am thinking of giving Zulu access to both his inside area (play pen room) as well as to the outside area. The outside area is under cover, where he goes to the toilet and is pretty big (400 square meters). It is fairly secure. There is no grass in this section though, just pavers.

    Do you think this would benefit Zulu more? My thinking is that he would be able to go outside to the toilet (if he needs too) as well as have much more room to stretch his legs if he needed.

    Any thoughts of concerns?

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    I don't think it matters a lot.

    My fave dog training guru would say no - no unsupervised free time in the back yard for puppies or a dog that doesn't have perfect recall (mine).

    Because she wants her dogs to think all good things come from her, not from their own efforts foraging in the back yard or barking at the neighbours or mouse hunting or whatever they can find outside. She is from an environment (Canada) where it snows in winter, and none of the places she's ever had dogs - had secure fencing.

    So I don't think it makes a huge difference - it depends what you want. If you want to give your puppy the opportunity to go toilet outside - then allowing access to outside is good. I don't have a dog door so mine only gets out when I let her out. Tho I do sometimes leave the back door open when the weather is good, and she goes and sunbakes out there. Not the ideal from my guru's point of view.

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    Here's my opinion. I agree with Hyacynth. It doesnt really matter.
    I have 3 dogs. A dog flap door with access to their toilet (paved for easy cleaning) and deck. Where they are trained not to go. All 3 dogs have beds inside, and out.
    Beds = a cozy fake fur on my deck, out of wind area. No kennel. And a single bed that they share in 2's.

    so my dogs get to choose where they sleep.
    They chose to sleep where its the right temperature. They move their blankets into the sun, into the shade, onto the law, or back inside. Onto their spot in the house which i decide upon.

    Depending on the weather, hot, they will sleep inside on a stone floor sprawled out alongside but not on their blanket.
    Cold and the blanket is brought inside and get this, put over a heating vent then led on! They have their own fave heating vents.

    This is a free choice scenario, and the dogs will either be: inside, where i chose their bed would be. Or outside, and the point of house, that is closest to where i am in the house. Keeping an eye on me.

    Im not a person who allows dogs in my bedroom, dog or babies. My bedroom is for me. Not mum, or owner. So sleeping indoors is not going to get them by me.
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    I reckon giving him acess to outside is a great idea. Dogs home alone need stimulation and even if its watching a butterfly bouncing along or peeking through a fence watching the neighbour mow the grass its all interesting stuff.

    My only concern is how to keep your home secure from unwanted visitors if he has acess to both areas. A dog flap might be a worthwhile investment.

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    I personally prefer a combination - somewhere safe and secure they can get away from the weather but also get outside and sniff and wee etc.

    Since moving out of home I have always allowed my dogs in the whole house at night, and in the laundry / yard by day.

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    Another combination vote. We have a doggy door and both dogs have access to all areas. I invested in an easy care bedspread so it doesn't really matter if they sleep on our bed when we're out. If I have something potentially harmful at home it goes into my study and the door is shut. Easy. They have two beds in the bedroom, one of which moves into the living room during the day so they can lie in front of the fire if they like. And three sofas to chose from for a nap. The one that gets the afternoon sun is the favourite spot.

    They patrol the garden and take shifts in keeping the friggin' rabbits out of my veggie patch. In fact since I have both dogs watching out I actually do manage to grow veggies to speak of! Plus the pooches have a job (which they take very seriously indeed) and aren't getting bored during the day. We never had problems with digging holes or shredded furniture/shoes/etc.
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