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Thread: Zulu - 12 week update

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    Default Zulu - 12 week update

    Hi All,

    I just thought I would give you all a little update on how things are going with Zulu, who is 12 weeks old…

    I was lucky to have 2 weeks off over Easter, which was timed well as he was able to get out more as had his 2nd vaccination. There have been some MAJOR improvements all round size he has been socialising and I have been at home with him…

    Toilet training
    He is can quite easily go 4-5 hours without needing a wee. This has made a big difference as I only need to wake him up once in the night to go to the toilet, around 2am. There have been times where I forgot to wake him up and he was able to go about 6 hours without needing to go to the toilet. He is still home alone for 8 hours a day, but we do pop into during our lunch break so he can go to the toilet and have a little run around.

    Over the past 4 weeks, he has been going to puppy school once a week (indoors) and has got to meet quite a few puppys (and humans) in the process. Over the past 10 days I have been taking him to the local dog park (daily), where he meets atleast 10-15 new dogs each day (maybe more), as well as plenty of pats and rubs from their owners. We also took him down to the beach for the first time (something we plan to do every Saturday morning) and he just loved playing in the water. He also met plenty of dogs on the beach. So things going very well socially.

    He does most of his walking and playing off the lead in our very big terraced garden (over 500 square meters). Most of the time he spends chasing the kitten around the garden. He doesn’t really like taking walks in the area with his lead on, but he walks SO well when not on his lead.

    I took him to the vet last week (for a heart worm injection) and he was all good and healthy, weighing about 9.2kgs (at 12 weeks of age)

    This has been by far the best improvement for me, which im a so happy about. When we first got Zulu, he was biting the kids clothing and jumping up on them, then all of a sudden there was NONE of it. He is so gentle with the kids (even when they get rough with him, or they give him bug hugs and cuddles). I cant remember the last time he actually jumped up onto anyone or bit their clothing.

    At the moment, we are giving Zulu 50% of his required kibble per day (premium kibble). The other 50% of his diet is made up of good quality scraps and meaty bones (mainly chicken or lamb).

    Thats all i can think of for now


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    Something i forgot to mentioned is that Zulu doesnt seem to be a big chewer. He has a few chew toys and a towel in his crate which all seem to be in one piece.. i assume thats a good thing too?

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