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Thread: Walking your puppy

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    Default Walking your puppy

    Hi guys,

    I tried take Zulu out for a walk every morning and every evening.

    In the mornings, around 5:30am, I try take him for a walk down the road, but he doesn’t seem to want to walk further than our property. He seems quite happy staying on the property and sniffing around the shrubs. Does this count as walking?

    When I try get him to walk, he tries everything not walk further than our property. Is there a reason this this?


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    scaredy puppy. Pretty normal, but you can't cave in.

    Steve Courtney Dog Training Puppy Development Schedule

    dammit system ate my post.

    go back to basics and train for 5 minutes per month of age - reward him for being brave and confident around the front gate and coming to "re-inforcement zone" in heel position (or where you want him for walking). try not to lure him or drag him. reward each brave step in the right directon he chooses on his own.

    Or drive him somewhere - and have some exercise there. My dog was completely freaked out on the paths between home and the park and really happy at the park. Go figure. dragging her and carrying her - did not help the situation and took years to overcome.
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