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Thread: Puppy's Noses?

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    Default Puppy's Noses?

    Hi everyone,

    I have found that Jenna's nose is often warm and dry. I thought their noses were supposed to be wet and cold. She does not have a temperature and, thankfully, the diarrhea seems to be over .

    What do all you experienced dog owners think about the wet nose thing, is it an old wives tale?

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    I was just thinking about this myself recently and was going to post the same question

    I've noticed the same with Candy...her nose is dry a fair bit too.

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    This is what my vet told me, When i got NJ at 12 weeks old he had a very dry nose for days, He was due for his shots so when i went to my vet he said it would be from a bit of stress, But nothing to worry about, only be worried if it's runny. That's what i was told

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    They'll also have a dry nose when they wake up - puppies sleep deeply and it dries out.

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