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Thread: Toilet training update

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    Default Toilet training update

    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to let you know how things are going with Zulu..

    Today he is 11 weeks old and things are going pretty well with him and we have no real issues with him, which is great.

    With regards to his toilet training, during the day he is left at home for 8 hours, but we do visit him at lunchtime, take him for a little walk, toilet break and his lunch.

    While at home he seldom poo’s (as he normally poo’s on his morning and evening walk). We have some turf and newspaper where he goes for his wee’s, so in that way he is good.

    During the night he seems to have settled into a good routine… He sleeps in his crate (which is closed). I normally take him outside for a wee around 10pm, then I wake him up for a wee at 1am, then again around 330am, then he wakes up around 5—530am.

    I was thinking…is it worth me keeping his crate door open so he can take himself to the toilet (his turf area in his pen) or do you think I should continue waking him up every 2-3hours to take him to the toilet outside?

    I think the long term goal for Zulu is that he will be limited to where he can “roam” in the house (generally the kitchen, dining area etc – where its tilled), but eventually I want to him have access to the back yard (through a doggy door) where he can spend time outside and well as go to the toilet outside when he need to.

    Also, last night, around 9pm, Zulu had been sleeping for about 1.5 hours. He woke up half asleep, stood up and just made a wee in his crate, then tried to go back to sleep. Is this something I should be concerned about? I guess it was my fault for not taking him out for a wee… but he looked so content sleeping in his crate. I don’t recall him doing this before.

    Look forward to hearing your advice.


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    nothing like an Easter post to get missed in the rush (zzzz)

    I think if you want him to be going outside mostly then take him outside. If you leave him to his own devices he might not understand that he's supposed to go on the astro turf. You'd have to supervise the same way as you do outside potty time - to make sure he only has the opportunity (and is rewarded) for going in the right place.

    I think the sleep wake accident - yes if I decide my evil hound is looking too comfortable to go out (or she seems reluctant) I usually pay for it later in the night when she wakes me up to let her out. At least she knows she's supposed to go outside and does wake me up. But it's my fault for not insisting on the pre bed time pisstop. Especially if it's the only one after dinner has settled (ie at least 30 minutes after dinner).

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