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    Does anyone know a dog training person in goulburn, nsw.
    i know of one but they kick the dog to train them or when they board with them. And there is no way Jessie will be going there.
    If you know of anyone would be great.

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    Hey there. Not sure on someone who you can send a dog to but I can find out if you like, or....

    Wednesday nights at the Showground (Braidwood Rd). Although during winter it's every second week... That's enough cold for everyone!! Brrrr...

    There are classes run by the Goulburn Dog Training and Kennel Club. They do an obedience class and a show training class (which is the one I usually do!).

    It is run by members as volunteers, and costs a gold coin donation. It is really good as they help train both you and your pup. It is also a great way to meet other local dog people, and get advice.

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