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Thread: Bedding for puppy

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    Default Bedding for puppy

    Hi guys ,

    I was wondering what is the best thing to use for your pups bedding / mattress?

    At the moment I'm using a baby's change table matress(which has a plastic type covering over it), which I cover with an old towel.

    I read somewhere that "vet bed" is good too?

    What do you all use?


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    I used anything I didn't mind being chewed into tiny pieces. Mostly old towels, old jumpers or sweatshirts and newsapers in cardboard boxes.

    I thought vet bed was for newborn puppies. It's expensive and not better than newpaper and towels.

    Would you serious spend a lot of money on something your dog is going to shred?

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    Pup bedding:

    Again I don’t spend a fortune on this sort of stuff. Op shops, dollar dazzlers, sale items and stuff I already have at home – normally sorts out my pups bedding with things like - doonas, doona covers, blankets, sheets, towels and pillows.

    I like things that can be put in the washing machine – washed easily and dry on the line. I wouldn’t worry about vet bed stuff – I have only ever used it for a litter of pups – then it was a godsend !

    I would suggest that you continue with the crate. When the weather gets a bit cooler – start off with sheet over the crate and then a blanket. Inside the crate, I cover the mattress with a double doona cover which allows the pup to be able to snuggle in and some goes up the inside of the crate - and then I put a blanket in there also.

    All of mine, over the years have also liked having a pillow to rest their weary heads on in their crates – but that one I will leave up to you to decide on !

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