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    Default Mealtime using kongs

    Hi All,

    My puppy, Zulu, is 8 weeks and currently I give him all his meals (morning, lunch and dinner) via kongs. I normally put the kongs in his crate (opposed to his play pen).

    At what age do you suggest giving a puppy frozen kongs?

    The reason i ask is because there is quite a jump in giving your puppy a kong with loose kibble opposed to a frozen kong (which is rock hard).


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    To answer one of your questions specifically:

    It is ability driven not age related.

    As the pup gets better and quicker at getting the food out of the kong – then you look at making the task more difficult – or you look for a different type of food dispenser for the pup.

    Why are you feeding all his meals from a kong ? What are you trying to achieve here ?

    Is there any interaction between you and the pup at meal times – or do you just hand the filled kong over and walk away ? If this is the case – then you are missing out on a heap of very pertinent training situations for your pup !

    Have a look at this link:

    Making the Most of Mealtime | Karen Pryor Clicker Training

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    I use pieces of kibble throughout the day as reward training. Have you read Ian Dunbars books?

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    Yes - I have - BUT - he is not the only one around that has good ideas about pups. There are heaps of others - just do a search !

    As I said previously - 'The best comment I can make now is – Do what works for you and your pup !'.

    Maybe what I should have also added - Don't get bogged down with one training method or follow one training method ad nauseum. Do what works for you and your pup !

    You really need to be building some connection and relationship between you, your pup and your family. All relationships are basically built on trust - and that is very important for you and your pup !

    I am up to my 5th pup - and my training methods have changed for each of the 5 pups. Surprise hey ! But each pup has been different and so have I been by the time I got a new pup !

    Maybe I could suggest that you work out what your want your ideal pup to be like as an adult. This is all about goals and strategies - do up a list and see how you go !

    The thing you have to remember is that your pup is very young and needs guidance, love, patience, understanding and training to become the pup that you would like in the future !

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    Frozen kong is just something for the dog to chew on that is more difficult to get the food out of than an ordinary kong.

    Frosty has learned to let the kong thaw a bit or risk stuck tongue...

    I've also used a squirrel dude - but it works best with bigger bits of kibble.

    And I use a bob a lot - to make Frosty work to get the rest of her dry food ration. the bob a lot is much fun but it needs to be contained in a crate or something or she will belt it all around and into furniture and smash things.

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