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Thread: Using a lead indoors

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    Default Using a lead indoors

    Hi All,

    Zulu spends quite a bit of time in his play pen, which is a decent size for a 8 week old puppy (3m x 3m).

    I would like to include him more around the house, in other ‘designated’ areas, which include:

    1: The tiled area to the entrance of the lounge
    2: In the kitchen / dinner area

    As I have toddlers (and a cheeky kitten), its difficult to let Zulu ‘run wild’ around the house as he will get quite excited with the kids and kitten.

    What I have started doing is putting his lead on in the above designated areas and attached the lead to a door handle. I found that he actually sits and behaves very well, plus it allows my kids to roam the house and get comfortably close to Zulu, without him jumping them… it also gives me a little rest as I don’t need to watch the kids, dog and kitten so closely… all in all… I feel this helps tremendously with Zulu’s discipline as well as integrating the whole family.

    Every few minutes I reward Zulu for sitting quietly (and occupying himself) as well as reward him for calming down when he’s excited.

    What are you views on having your puppy on a lead (like above) outside of his designated areas?


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    Personally - I'd attach the lead to me - so Zulu was always with me and we couldn't have any accidents.

    Children can be quite nasty, they stick pencils in dogs ears and fingers in dogs eyes... and other horrible things. They can also be adorable and kind and do nice pats and plays but small children don't always know the difference...

    So I'd want the dog or the children or ideally both - to be where I could see and hear them, and I wouldn't want to be doing anything I find very mesmerising like posting on internet forums. My dog actually has to put her paws on my shoulders and yell in my ear to get my attention sometimes and I allow that because it's the only way that works reliably.

    I would designate times where I could pay full attention and train appropriate behaviour for kids and dog and kitten... And the rest of the time the dog would be attached to me, or in the pen/crate where it's safe.

    Personally I'd be quite terrified about having mobile toddlers loose in the house too. They'd be in their own pen if they were in my care and I couldn't watch them. When I looked after my brother's kids when they were toddlers - they'd follow me to the toilet too. My mother's brother when he was a toddler / 2yo wandered off and drowned. They can go about 3km in an hour given the opportunity - totally scary.

    Probably just as well I'm not a parent.

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    Yes, yes yes, you can use leads indoors.
    Leads by the time you've walked that dog for a month, get associated with great things! I also prefer the idea of tying him to you though. As vigilance is key, or the kids will get a well deserved bite for poking fingers into eyes/rectums etc.

    My mum has a touch of OCD and wont let her dog on her carpet at all. He is tethered to the fire place when inside. Given a choice of play outside alone, or come in by fire and be tethered, he'd prefer the tether. God knows why, were i him, id be outside personally.

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