Hi All,

So my first weekend with Zulu went really well.

Heres a pic of him


Last night I was up with Zulu for most of the night, but i guess that is to be expected with a young puppy (just short of 8 weeks old). Last night consisted of the following:

9pm: Zulu was sleeping in the lounge while we watched tv
10pm: I woke up Zulu, took him for a walk outside, he made a wee
11pm: Zulu settled in his crate
12:15am: Zulu was crying, so I took him outside for a wee and a little walk around the patio
1:15am: Zulu finally settles in his crate
2am: : Zulu was crying, so I took him outside for a wee and a little walk around the patio and he settled in in crate
3am: My son (1.5 years) wakes up and wakes up Zulu, who starts crying, so I take Zulu outside for a week and a walk around the patio
3:15am: As I don’t want to Zulu to walk up the kids, I go sleep in the lounge with Zulu. Zulu has his lead on, which is attached to a sturdy table, he settles in the lounge on his mat.
5:30am: Zulu and I wake up and decide to get up for the day, I take him outside for a wee and a poo

So that was my night last night… not much sleep, and the little I did have was broken… before I type any further, let me go grab a STRONG Coffee..

Ahhh, that’s better!

With the above in mind I have some questions..

1: Does this seem like a normal night for such a young puppy? I guess things like separation anxiety (from his mum and myself) as well as the need to make a wee wake up him evey hour or so?

2: Is it ok to have a designated area in the house (apart from his play pen), where you can have his lead on him, which is attached to something secure? i.e like I did last night when I slept in the lounge with him. He has a place in the lounge where he loves and always settles so well.

3: Any other advice you guys have to tried get puppy to sleep through longer period during the night? Obviously if this is normal for this age, then I really don’t mind.. but I don’t want to be developing any bad habits such as getting up up for his as soon as he cries, or moving him to the lounge and sleeping nearby etc.

4: Is it wise to give Zulu a kibble stuffed chew toy or a treat in the middle of the night to get him into his crate (when he does really feel like going there himself)?

5: At night, could you leave a little light on in his room to help him settle? For some reason the light on helped him a little (opposed to it being pitch black)

6: Any suggestions for a good night time route for puppy?i.e take him out for a wee, then give him a kibble stuff chew toy, stay with him in the room till he settles, the sneak off

Also, the reason I get up so quickly when he cries is also due to the fact that I have young kids (1.5 and 3.5) and the last thing I want is to have the whole house wife awake at 1am.

Look forward to hearing from you guys.