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Thread: Any crestepoo owners here?

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    Default Any crestepoo owners here?


    My puppy is a chinese crested/toy poodle x.

    I would like to discuss any experiences other owners have had with this breed.

    I am a very new dog mum - very inexperienced

    Thanks in advance.

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    welcome murph

    crestepoo.... thats a new one i haven't heard of before. don't think if i have run into that mix before.

    well, not much difference between most breeds, most of dogs DNA are the same.. descendants from wolfs, and selectively bred for certain looks and behavior trate's.
    But still its all luck. because of factors of how they are treated and raised and how they interpret in there own mind how they feel about life and there situation.

    recommend finding a dog club close by to tag along and give your new pup socialization with other dogs and humans to give best chance of a good temperament towards people and other dogs.
    also going to a dog club and meeting others involved with dogs you might meet someone who knows a bit about grooming and can help teach you.
    grooming not covered in training at a dog club anywhere i know of, but bound to find someone who knows, generally someone with experience with dog showing. Its what they all spend hours doing before a show to get them all pretty for judge.
    plenty of nice show people around that i'm sure will show you the ropes, noticed other post offering to pay to be taught, well i'm sure you will get sine volunteers.

    good luck.

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    Thanks - it is a very cute breed and he is very social - too social - wants to be everyone's friend he sees. He entertains himself quite easily. It is just not a very common breed here in Australia - it might be a new one - who knows - not been able to find any groups or anything that are for crestepoo online so hence posting in here

    He just finished puppy school and is an indoor dog as I live in a high rise.

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    well "officially" there isn't a pure breed called a "crestepoo" , by pure bred breeding standards you puppy is just a "cross breed"
    as you said its a X breed of a chinese crested and a toy poodle. so possibly "pure bred" chinese creasted bred with a pure bred toy poodle to make a cross breed of both "pure breds"
    someone just came up with a name using parts of each breed to call them a crestepoo.
    don't worrie tho. if you do some research, theres not really any such thing as a pure bred by science standards, because technically only pure dog is a Wolf.
    all pure bred's are cross breeds who where selectively bred via human control for century's , and labeled "pure" by humans when somethings different enough pops up, and how they made the so called "pure bred" basically untraceable and people running dog world choose to label it pure.
    so basically just a label for what group your dog is under.
    So check out the cross breed forums and places.
    does't make your puppy any less special or different from any other.
    only thing is he isn't labeled "pure" which is just a title and wont change the book.

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    Welcome to the forum! I have never owned a dog like yours before, however I would love to own a pure Chinese Crested dog one day
    Would love to see pictures of your pup

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    it is a very cute breed and he is very social
    I think - given how strongly some people feel about pedigrees and pretend "breeds" vs mixed breed or mutts... I would phrase this as

    "he is a very cute dog" which I can well imagine.

    "he is very social" - I think this might be the poodle side of him - most chinese crested I know are very reserved, shy or timid even. They take a while to decide that you're not a big threat to their safety. Poodles on the other hand... like to schmooze everybody. They're often super smart - the original dog obedience competition was organised by a poodle owner to show off her dogs. Beware of him training you.

    There is unlikely to be any groups for chinese crested cross breeds. There aren't very many chinese crested around in Australia and most of their owners are somewhat obsessed with their care. Pretty sure the original breeder of the chinese crested that made your dog would be horrified if they knew. I know of a poodle breeder who was tricked into selling one of her dogs to a puppy farm and she was horrified and with some help managed to rescue him. He was quite the wreck of a dog - not quite 18 months and not your proper outgoing confident poodle. Has taken quite a bit of work to get him back to normal. He had been kept in a cage so small he couldn't stand up properly.

    So as far as breed groups go - I wouldn't worry about what breed he is. I would just get on with the process of teaching him your house rules (eg no jumping up, nice sit to greet people) - and learn what you can about how to manage him as any new dog owner must learn.

    Kikopup has a video showing how to train anything you could possibly want your dog to do. You can use the word "yes" instead of "clicking".

    It's usual to spend a bit of time (and maybe 5 to 20 treats) pairing your marker word (Eg "yes") with a treat. "yes" - treat (count to three) repeat...

    Until your dog looks to you for the treat the second you say "yes"...

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    Go the clicker! I've just started using one and I'm kicking myself for not doing it earlier(been meaning to for 18 months lol, just never got "around" to it). Makes things heaps easier, especially getting sits, drops etc from a distance

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