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    Hi, I have 2 x 12 week old male Toy Poodles from the same litter. I have had them for 3 weeks, they are adorable, funny & seem to love me. They have their next vaccination next week. They eat well, sleep lots, play lots & love snuggles. They were used to sleeping on their owners bed, so I let them do this to start with until they discovered how to get off my bed & started toileting on my (new) carpet. They now sleep in their own bed in the bathroom, they cried for the 1st 3 nights but are good now (ear plugs helped me). I don't have any lawn in my backyard - pavers, gravel paths & gardens - although I am looing to have a small section grassed for them. When I take them out in the mornings & before bed, they run into the gardens & play but I can't see if they both toilet. I leave the door open so that they can come in & out as needed during the day. When I do see one of them toilet they get lots of cuddles & praise. They have one of those trays with fake grass on top for in the bathroom, but will only use it during the night. I'm getting lots of puddles inside. Any advice for training them - everything I read seems to be ok for 1 dog but near impossible for 2. I live alone.
    Thanks for any tips

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    Hi 'Sooty-Sweep' and to the forum.

    There are heaps of threads on this forum on toilet training - so please have a look around.

    You really have your work cut out for you - with 2 pups at the same age.

    What I have done in the past with fosters - is set up a cue word for going to the toilet and every time you see them going - use the cue word and treat and/or praise. Eventually they will get the idea and toilet on command.

    So with your 2 - I would actually take the training back a bit and take them outside for toileting at regular intervals and watch them like a hawk !

    Good Luck !

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    You could probably buy a couple of square metres of artificial grass and just hose that off once a day or so. use it like an outdoor carpet.

    when puppies are very young or with rescues that aren't used to your house... you need to be super vigilant in your supervision of them when they're allowed to wander. It would be hard with two puppies.

    You need to see as soon as the nose goes down and they start sniffing - and get them outside asap. Don't expect them at 12 weeks to know they are supposed to go outside - they obviously haven't learned that yet, and every time they go inside - they learn that they don't need to go outside. A major problem when it gets cold and wet.

    So I watched my puppy like a hawk when she was up and about.

    And this is the oft repeated message on toilet training
    - after waking up
    - after play
    - after drinking
    - after eating

    and every hour or so

    they go outside for potty and praise them when they go where you want.

    make sure indoor clean up is with vinegar and bicarb or urineoff and not bleach - because bleach smells like "pee here". you could try putting a dilute amount outside. Or peeing in a bucket yourself and putting some dilute solution where you want them to go.

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    Having 2 puppies from the same litter and same age is not ideal and most breeders will not do this. Having said that I have had on occasion 2 pups the same age when I have taken in rescues and once I had 3. It is a situation I prefer to avoid. You would be better off taking them out into the garden one at a time to do their toiletting so that they concentrate on the job, they do it and they get praise. I have a specific word I use so that they know what I want them to do.

    You also need to consider setting aside time to train them individually so they dont get into the habit of just playing with each other and not having quality interaction time with you.

    I crate train all my puppies and it really is most helpful at times as I have multiple dogs. I spend time training each of them separately.
    You just need to be organised during this time. As mentioned they need to go out on a regular basis particularly after meals. You will just have to plan to take them out separately. Once they have the idea it should get easier to do them together. I would get my dogs to toilet before I let them play. They soon get the idea.
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    What the others said. And at that early stage you really need to go out with them to check if they go, stay out until they do and then praise them each time they go outside. Otherwise this is going to take you way longer than it should. And I agree it will be best to take them out separately because they get distracted enough as it is at that age and you need to encourage them to focus on the task at hand. I put my pups on lead at first and just stand still, looking boring and not interacting, until they go.

    Key elements are to prevent them having accidents inside because that will enforce that it's ok and to reward for going outside. And as mentioned, when it's cold and wet you have to be extra vigilant. They may have a relapse on those days because they simply don't get that the same rules apply when it's raining and unpleasant to be outside.

    If you put the effort in now, it will pay off quickly. It isn't my favorite training and gets downright annoying, but the alternative is to deal with puddles and a ruined carpet for much longer.

    Good luck! I love poodles. Where are the pics?! :-)

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    Thanks for your replies, I will get some artificial grass today & give that a go - at least they can associate it with toileting. I think they are as confused as I am.
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    pics are hard too - when they are still, they are cuddled together & it just looks like a big mass of black fluff

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    Pleeeaase try - we love photos !

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    A mass of fluff will do - we'd like to see that pic...

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