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    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to introduce myself. We have not long adopted a pug cross (shitzu I think). He is now 6 months old and just the best addition to our family He has proven to be reasonably easy to train with the basics (toileting, walking on a harness, coming when called siting etc) and goes everywhere with us. We live on the coast and he just loves the sand and water. He loves to swim and is fantastic with our son. We had a huge scare we he had a paralysis tick but we got him to the vet in time, have a preventative schedule sorted now and always check him each night. Also got pet insurance ASAP lol.

    We are having a minor issue with him being a bit smelly though so any tips appreciated. Any other info anyone thinks would be helpful please go ahead. I've learned so much already from just looking at the other threads.



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    How do you mean smelly? His body odour, his breath, his farts? he looks super cute.

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    Daaawwww... look at that widdle face!

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    Aww, he's adorable! Don't know about the smell. Other members have mentioned yeast infections with their 'wrinkly' dogs, but hopefully someone else will have more info.

    When in doubt you could always give him a weekly wash with Malaseb shampoo for a while and see if that makes a difference?

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    That is just the cutest pup!

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    Um it's just a general smell I guess on his body. It's not terrible but is noticeable. Also he sleeps in our ensuite with the door closed at the moment (otherwise he wanders into my sons room at 2am to play haha) with the window open and it smells terrible each morning. I wondered if maybe it was his diet? What should he be eating? He's bathed weekly and brushed every 2 days.

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    'Banjo' - you have one very cute looking pup there ! Thank you for the photos !

    Smell can be caused by a lot of things. Could be food related.

    What are you feeding him on now?

    Also - why is he being bathed weekly ? That could also be causing him problems. My pup get bathed very rarely - and really only when he has rolled in something.

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    Welcome Banjo

    He's very cute.

    What Riley said.

    what are you feeding him now? Onions are really bad for stinky dogs - and they're not too good health wise - so if you're giving him the left over chinese - that would be a problem.

    Commercial tinned food is a major contributor to stinky dog - I don't know what they put in that stuff but I can't stand the resulting smell.

    Is there anything in his environment that he could be rolling in?

    Does he have any kind of skin infection? Do you put flea spot on? What do you wash him with? Maybe try just washing with plain water and drying off with a shammy leather and towel - thoroughly. If you suspect a yeast infection (smells a bit like rotting vegies or old beer) - maybe put a teaspoon of "apple vinegar with mother"in the bucket of water and rinse him down with that. You can get that stuff from most health food shops. Regular vinegar - might work - again very very diluted but not as good as the other stuff.

    Calendula tea (healthfood shop again) one teabag in a teacup and then put that in a bucket of water... and rinse over. tho that's supposed to be for itchies. It might help with the smell.

    I'd quit using shampoo for at least a month - to give his skin a chance to rebalance itself.

    I hose my dog off after the beach and dry her and brush her but I don't use shampoo unless she's rolled in something really stinky that won't wash off. Doesn't happen often, and I reckon she smells ok.

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    Cute cute cute puppy! Definitely look at diet. They also don't really need washing weekly, monthly or every couple of months would probably be better unless he rolls in something nasty.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    I have had good results with feeding raw carrot to reduce body & breath odour. Add finely grated carrot to his meal each day, he's only little so a teaspoon will probably do (we used to use a handful for adult greyhounds). My vet put me onto it when we were fostering Greys which often come into rescue having been on strange diets. It's like a doggy-detox and works really well.

    Also review his diet if it has got worse since you got him.

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