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    Hey there,

    I've had a new puppy for the past couple of weeks he's a cavalier x cattle dog. He is a real good pup, he's picked up house training real quick and basic commands. Its just crate training is a bit of an issue.

    So my routine normally has been to play with him and wear him out right before bed which is about 10 :30 pm, also make sure hes been fed at least 90 mins before bed time. this usually works fine and he passes out like a log. The time he takes has gradually gone up from 1 am to 2am to 3am now he gets up around 3:30 -4am to go potty. I had been sleeping in the same room for the first week but have gone back to my bed and just come out when it's time (more often then not he is still asleep when i go out). Now my problem is when i take him out and try take him back to sleep he kicks up a stink about being in his crate and will whine and cry and cry, which then sets off my neighbours dogs into a bark frenzy waking up everyone in the street almost.

    So im thinking do I extend the time til about 6 am in which i take him out? or are there any other methods i can use to settle him down after he goes to the toilet?

    has anyone had a similar situation occur with their puppy?

    *my previous dog picked up the crate really well and i didn't have to worry so much


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    What kind of dog was your previous dog?

    Some dogs are more dependent on their people while they are puppies than others. Your neighbour's dogs going off will not be helping your puppy's calm state of mind. Maybe your previous dog didn't have to put up with this.

    I would try - putting the crate in a different room of your house rather than outside (or where your neighbour's dogs can hear your puppy). But my puppy now 5yo still sleeps next to my bed. Which is where I want her. I tried putting her to bed out in the laundry to start with (in case of mess) but the screaming a cattle dog x can make is intolerable.

    If your puppy is still less than 4 months old - I would not be trying to extend the time to go potty too suddenly unless you don't mind cleaning up the mess. You might want to put some chew toys in the crate with your puppy, and some things your puppy could safely shred (like rolled up newspaper). Some puppys respond well to a ticking clock nearby, or a radio on quietly - you could try these too but I would make the distance between you and the puppy's crate - much more gradual. And potty time - as boring as possible - no fun play or chatty attention apart from a "good dog" when the potty is done.

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    As said above, dogs under 4 months old cannot hold their bladder well at all and when they need to go, they need to go so I recommend not crating her for longer than 30-60minutes a day. My puppy is almost 9 months old now and she can hold her bladder for over 12 hours lol she lets me know when she needs to go though.

    I tried crate training my Kelpie and had no success at all, in fact it triggered massive separation anxiety.

    I think the main problem I had is that sometimes when I'd get a bit angry at her, I'd send her to the crate and lock her in as punishment. Never do that lol she still sleeps in her crate in her own will but she doesn't like it when I send her to it when she's naughty - she has free roam of the house when i'm out now so the crate has no other purpose than a time-out zone anyway.

    Put a bed, water and food bowl in the crate - make it a place where your puppy feels safe and knows that it is their spot.

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