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Thread: DEsex age?

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    Off they come!!

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    Sometimes you have to keep a dog on lead even in your own secure back yard - to break a habit. Takes maybe a month, maybe less, maybe more, depending how smart the dog is and how long the habit has been in place.

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    I had a female dog who cocked her leg. Not in a real boy's way, but she managed to pee quite high off the ground for a female. And she marked religiously. She was desexed before the age of 1 when I got her, though I don't know at what age.

    It sounds like some male dogs are more affected by the testosterone than others. But don't expect miracles either. The snapping and growling might have been caused by confusion about his role and boundaries more than by his hormones. Hormones are only supposed to have an effect on how they behave towards other male dogs (and bitches on heat) and should not affect their reactions to humans, as far as I know.

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    Yeah, I agree with Beloz - snapping and growling isn't necessarily going to be fixed by desexing but rather by training. I'm not saying it won't make him more manageable, it might. But it might not. From what I've seen, a vet will usually say desex. I suspect that is often for many other reasons than just to address the behaviour you are asking about. Money being one of them, but even the good vets would probably rather desex early than have entire, breedable dogs in the wrong hands....

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