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Thread: the worst age to get a puppy?

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    Default the worst age to get a puppy?

    is there a worst age to get a puppy? i got mine at 12 weeks which means he's exiting the socialization stage and entering the fear stage. Through talks with a vet and my dog trainer I get the feeling that it might be a little bit late and definitely more work for me trying to socialize him. He's a dog who's anxious around people he doesn't know and aggressive/fearful around other dogs, I know it's not too late for him but considering his temperament and getting him at the age i got him i would have really liked to have had the extra four weeks so i could work on him.

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    I always thought it was important for pups between 8 and 10 weeks to be with their litter mates? Being that young, I reckon genetics have lots to do with his fearfulness too. There's a good little book called "The cautious canine" by Patricia McConnell. It has very useful exercises on how to get dogs of any age over fear of strangers. If you start doing those now, your dog will improve in leaps and bounds, I reckon.

    With fear of other dogs, my dog developed a case of that at a later age. She was totally fine with all dogs as a pup. But when she was about 2,5, she started reacting aggressively to dogs that approached her. The best thing I learnt from the behavioural trainer I saw about this was to keep any contact with strange dogs very short at first. That is the total opposite of what lots of people think socialisation is about: "Just throw them in a group of dogs and let them sort it out". In case of a fearful dog that is called flooding and does no good whatsoever.

    So when your pup meets other dogs, let him sniff for 3-5 seconds, then walk away. Repeat this often. If he is too fearful to even want to sniff, walk away before that point. You should see a difference after a while of doing this. You should avoid him getting to the point that he starts snapping and growling out of fear. Because that enforces his idea that other dogs are scary and that he needs to react first to make them back off.
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    he's 13 weeks now and he's been growling at other dogs and lunging at them. my dog met a border collie and its owner yesterday and it basically went after them but when they came over the aggression went right away. He's just a pup now so they didn't really take it very seriously but when he gets bigger i'm worried it might be a problem.

    it never ever gets anywhere near to the point where i can get my pup to sniff, usually he's more aware of there being another dog before me and as they get closer to me some 20/30 meters away he goes from anxiety to fearful and then proper aggression with his back hairs up and tail pointed straight out.

    the dog trainer is coming today so i'm going to talk about it with her and puppy school is at the end of the week. i'll probably have to walk out if he gets too aggressive with the other pups but i've never seen him with other pups or dogs smaller than him before.

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    I got my Kelpie at 13 weeks, she's now 8 months and I haven't had a single problem with her socializing.
    When I got her she was still living with her mother and another sibling, she got brought here into a house with 3 cats and 2 other dogs - she was an outside dog where I got her from too.
    She never had trouble bonding with the dogs or the cats.

    In some countries it's illegal to tell pups and kittens under 10 weeks old - I think any age under 6 weeks old is the 'worst' age to get a puppy.

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    'goggles' - Good Luck with the dog trainer and hope that you both can work out some strategies that will help you with your pup !

    Some reading that maybe useful to you:

    Knowledge Base | Steve Courtney Dog Training

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    Didn't you say that your puppy is probably a staffy x akita? That's two breeds of dogs with a history of dog aggression - ie hating other dogs and a tendency act on it if not managed / trained well by the owner.

    It could be something you're going to have to deal with your dog's whole life. If you don't think you can, best to hand him back now while he's still a cute puppy.

    Otherwise - get the help you need. Write / email Steve at K9PRO | THE K9 Professionals (Hawksbury nsw) and ask him to recommend someone in your area or write / email Julie aka Nekhbet at Home - InLine K9 (Victoria / Geelong) and ask her to recommend someone to help.

    Money spent now training you how to deal with the situation - would be well spent.

    Personally - Apart from adopting way too young (eg puppy farms sending out 6 week old puppies that should still be with their litter mates), I think the most challenging age for a puppy to be when you adopt - is about 8months to 18 months - the doggy equivalent of Adolescence - when you're dealing with selective hearing, freak outs at nothing (or something), temper tantrums, and pushing your limits, super destructo puppy etc etc.

    An 8 month old puppy is a dog that is near enough adult size - so with an Akita cross - big enough to knock you down and beat you up if you don't have the best management strategy in place. It's really important with a puppy like this that it looks for you first for everything in life that is fun and rewarding and gets nothing fun in life by ignoring you. NILIF - Nothing in life is free - is a good strategy with a dog like this. But get some help from people who really understand how you set this up.

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    I have had pups from 6 to 16 weeks and also adolescents from 7 months onwards. I have tended to find that genetics can be hard to overcome. I had one pup that I got at 8 weeks did all the right things with and she was still fear aggressive and it escalated as she entered adolescence. I had to work very hard with her and she was quite manageable, but I did have to manage her. None of my other dogs have had this type of problem regardless of when I got them. It is not something I found particularly enjoyable but it did teach me a lot about dogs.

    I had a friend with a lab/akita mix and this dog was aggresive to other dogs right from the beginning. These dogs can be trained and managed but there is usually always going to be ongoing management. You have to decide if this is something you are prepared to do. My friend with the akita/lab wasnt because it started to show aggression towards her other much smaller dog. With my dog I was as she was fine with my other dogs and family.
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    Id say taking ours on at 1yr, was not a great time, but i had lots of help from my older 2 dogs training him, and chastising him for bad manners.
    Akita's are known for dog/dog reactivity. The fact that your pup is fine once the greet part is over, is very positive though, definitely got something to work with there!
    Good luck with trainer, on how to manage the dog. Keep working on how you handle yourself too. Nice clear guidance signals, to stand down, all is well.

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